Monday, November 18, 2013

It begins

After much procrastination and shifting paper around my desk I've actually managed to start the Cword card making in earnest.
I'm trying really hard to do a bit more "batch-making" this year to try and cut down the time and hassle.  It's not that I don't enjoy making my Cword cards, it's just that I can find myself getting really bogged down with it.  So my plan is to make a at least 5-10 of the same design - or at least the designs I decide I like!
This is one of the new dies I've bought this year - it's so intricate that you don't really need to do much more than cut it out and stick it on a card.  Mind you, that's not to say it's a quick card to make as getting all those teeny weeny little biots out is a right pain in the derrière. 

I've made this one in several colours already, for the backgrounds I've used coloured Bazzill. or as for these, printed various of the plainer "textured" Funky Hand designs onto the white Bazzill
The Die is from memory Box and I've cut it from Centura Pearl (white/silver)
Other Materials
Narrow Ribbon, Tiny silver gems

That's it for now
Thanks for looking


Kaz said...

They are beautiful Kathy and you're right, they don't really need anything extra. Well done on getting more into batch making ;) xxx

Angelnorth said...

Fab die cut for impact with minimal extras (although I can imagine the "picking out" process is tedious!).

Kath said...

Lovely cards, Kathy. They don't need anything more at all.

Traceyr said...

Beautiful cards Kathy and I knowwhat you mean about all those tiny bits to press out. :)