Thursday, March 10, 2011

Getting There...and a Sneakie Peek!

It's been a a while since I did an update on show the study renovations are coming along.
When we moved here, the room we decided to use as a study was the one that we knew would need a good sorting out.  So we just shoved the desks and bookcases from the old house in here and "made do" while we paid attention to other things "higher up the list".  With hubby working from home a couple of days a week it became more apparent that the room was a mess, there was a badly filled in chimney breast with crumbling plaster and more holes than a Swiss cheese, plus it's really cold having two outside walls, no insulation, two windows and a rather old radiator.  We finally bit the bullet and got the builders in - which meant us moving everything out of there aaaagggghhh

We have no cavity walls in the older part of the house, so we're experimenting with adding internal insulation - we'll think about doing other rooms (eventually) if this is a success - it does mean you lose an inch or so from the floorplan, but you can't have it all!
Anyway, we're nearly there now!
The internal insulation is done, the ceiling and walls have all been plastered, power sockets have been moved and added to, the new windowsills, skirting boards have been fitted, as has a new smaller, better radiator.  For the last few days Bryan the decorator has been hard at work.
We've gone from this at the end of day 1 of the work

via this (which made Hubby panic a bit!)

to the most recent photo, which I took a day or two ago, still not finished but not far off

The carpet fitter is booked to trim and re-fit the carpet and our IKEA order is all done and ready to send just as soon as we know there'll be somewhere to put all the new stuff when it's delivered - and then it'll be time for hubby and I to start building.  Now doesn't that sound like fun? hehehe

At first I got a bit stressed about everywhere being full of "bits of the study" - books, stash, files, boxes, furniture etc - but you get used to it and it's not for long really (just wait till we do the kitchen/utility/downstairs cloakroom.....). 
I've still  been crafting while all this has been going on as we set up a temporary study in the spare room - but I've been making do with what's at hand and not bothering about anything that I can't reach easily.  However most of what I've been doing is stuff I can't share atm - but keep your eyes peeled as there's a fabulous new Funky Hand download coming soon ;-).

here's a bit of a sneak peek.
Right, that's me done for today
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Sue said...

Oooh what a super colour, bet you can't wait to move in.
Lots of flat pack making up first though by the sounds of it.
Sue x

Karen said...

You will find a difference with the internal insulation, we have that in some rooms & it works a treat! I just love the colour you have chosen & the room looks really smart my lovely. Don't envy you the flat-packs though haha xxx

Wipso said...

What an exciting time for you. Love the colour. Good luck with the building.
A x

Suzie said...

Ooooh it's looking good Kathy! How exciting :) Love that sneak peak too ... looking pretty!

Traceyr said...

Fabulous Kathy - love that room colour and with the white accents it does look marvellous.

mmmm Great sneaky peak too. :)

Angelnorth said...

Looking good and I reckon the wall colour will make you feel warmer even if the radiator doesn't! Very pretty sneak peek

elisa said...

¡¡Está quedando preciosa!!

Thanks for sharing

Hazel said...

Like the look of the funky stuff. Your room is looking good - almost the last lap now ... x