Tuesday, December 21, 2010

It Must be Christmas

The house is a tip - it's looking a bit like a cardboard box shop, but bit by bit we're getting there.  I'm especially excited now because I had a phone call to say my aunt and uncle are on their way.  It was beginning to look like they weren't going to make it down from Northumberland, but after many phone calls and a bit of research about the state of the roads they've decided to travel.  After a day or two here, they'll be going across to Oxfordshire to spend Christmas with their Grandson (and his mummy and daddy of course!).  Funny, as soon as I got the phone call to say they were coming it staightaway felt so much more Christmassy.
I thought it was time I did an update on some of the things I've been busy with.
I've been making various boxes, this one is for a button bracelet we've bought for one of the nieces
Our Christmas Tree theme is Black, Silver and White this year, and as I try to wrap the presents to match I've been making some little fancy trimming bits to add to the parcels - you'd think I'd finished making the gifts and stuff when I was faffing about with that sort of thing wouldn't you?  You'd be wrong....
Anyway, here are some of the gift trims I've made - sorry the colours look a bit odd (I forgot to do a white balance on the camera)
 Next, a little pillow box, cut out on the Craft Robo and decorated with another of my fancy bits - the tiny tag was made with a circle punch and Cuttlebug tree die
 Here's our tree - what you can't see is the mess of wrapping paraphernalia that I'm standing in the middle of to take the photo!

 I've started to decorate the hearth.  We over-bought on the new baubles so I have plenty to play with!  The little canvas on the left is the one I made last year for Bubbly Scrumptious using Websters Pages and other things from Caroline's shop.
 Finally. Hubby's bee going to work on the train this week - and walking up to town in the dark yesterday morning he realised how pretty the town's Christmas tree looked - so last night he braved the cold again and went up with his "proper" camera and the tripod to take some photos.  I thought I'd pop a couple here for you to see
 Right, I should get back to work.  I need to finish my cleaning, think of something to make for dinner and maybe even get a bit more of the craft list done if I'm lucky.  Then when our visitors arrive I can sit with them and wrap a few more things - got to multi task, at this time of the year, haven't you?
Thanks for visiting, hope you're getting Christmassy too!


Sue said...

Mmmm I like your wallpaper Kathy and the Christmas decs of course.
That tree in town is beautiful and so much empty space around it.
Sue x

Julia Dunnit said...

I can almost not bear to look at all your homemeade and beautiful creations! All I've managed this year is mince pies about 20 times! Your man has taken some gorgeous shots - is that the pub in the background? Too perfect!
A warm and happy Christmas week to you then.

Janice said...

Beautiful decorations, parcels and photographs - did hubby manage to get a photo of the Eclipse? I didn't attempt it there are some fab ones online.

Kaz said...

Aaww it's looking very festive Kathy and it all coordinates so well. Have a very Happy Christmas xxx

Lynda said...

Beautiful box and parcel trims and your tree looks amazing Kathy. Have a wonderful Christmas.

Love Lynda xxx

Hazel said...

Super boxes and trimmings, Kathy - very festive. And love the photos that hubby took. Glad your visitors are able to get to you. Hope you're working your way through your list. x

Traceyr said...

Beautiful photos Kathy of your local tree.

I love your own tree too never thought of using black baubles but they do look classy and I love whaat you have done to the mantlepiece with the baubles strewn across it.