Monday, June 14, 2010

Fat Book and Flowers

I spent some of the weekend getting my pages ready for a fat book project I'm involved with.  After a lot of cutting, twiddling, curling and sticking the front of the pages are all done - that's the "fat" side of the pages.  Now I need to do the other side which gives the information about the maker of the page and is supposed to be kept fairly flat so that it doesn't damage whichever page it faces onto.  I bet that's as clear as mud, isn't it?

Anyway, this is the second one I've done and I really enjoy making the pages.  You make a page for each member of the group and send them to the host, who sorts them all out and sends a set of pages back to you.  Once that's happened you are able to make the cover for your new book which has a page to admire and treasure.from each contributor.  Although my pages are fundamentally the same as each other, each one differs slightly from the rest - I like to describe them as "unique" because it sounds better than saying that I simply can't manage to do them all the same!I think a couple of sneak peeks would be ok!here are a couple of sneak peeks
Sorry about the "artistically"  blurred photos, but someone (I wonder who that could have been...?) used the little camera to do some photos for selling stuff on ebay yesterday and didn't put the settings back to the way they should be - of course I don't know where they should be, do I?

That same someone took his "proper" camera out into the garden yesterday and took a couple of fab photos which I thought I'd share.
This is the first of the peony flowers to open fully - it's absolutely huge; about 15cms in diameter, and looks stunning.
This poppy is huge too, maybe even bigger if you were to extend the petals fully.   We planted these a couple of years ago and as they didn't look too great last year we thought they'd failed, but this year we've a few of these glorious bright flowers
That's it for today - I've new Crafty Templates samples to share tomorrow.  
Thanks for looking, Happy crafting!


Gez said...

Stunning photos Kathy & your fat book is looking soooooo GORGEOUS. :)
Thank You truly for the most beautiful birthday card.xx It will be treasured. :D
BIG ((hugs)) Gez.xx

Caroline said...

ooooh a Fat Book sounds an interesting idea! Sneak peeks look lovely.
I adore Poppies! Have some growing wild in my garden every year.

Kaz said...

Those fat book pages look gorgeous Kathy as do the photos. I hope he haas been reprimanded now!! xx

Karen said...

oooo those fat pages look gorgeous Kathy! Your hubby took a couple of fabulous pics there...shame he didn't put your setting back though XXX

Paddy said...

Great flower pics and I love the fat book pages. I did a fat book swap ages ago and am dying to do another!!!!

Kathy said...

wow love these flowers and the idea of the fat book! Love the white peonys, I have pink ones in my garden and they bloom in May for a couple of weeks depending on the weather. Id love to have white and red ones.

Lynda said...

Even your garden flowers are sporting the England colours! Your pages look fabulous as always.

Love Lynda xxx

lisa said...

Hi Kathy. Your fat book pages look stunning. This is a new one on me but it looks fascinating.
Those flowers are just beautiful, what a gorgeous peony. Mine always look a bit battered before I manage to get my camera out, but this one is just pristine!!
Your poppy is lovely too. Don't worry, they take a few years to settle down but you'll have masses of flowers in a couple of years.
By the way, the cake was fruit!!! Not that I got to eat any. I only decorate them and then they go off into the distance otherwise I'd be the size of a house!!!
Hope you're Monday has gone well.
Hugs Lisax

Angelnorth said...

The fat book pages look fun Kathy and "unique" is definitely the best option for describing them, no hint of "got bored and changed it up" :haha: Great photos, our poppies are glorious at the moment too - make the most of them as they don't last long!

Jules said...

Hi Kathy

What gorgeous flowers on those fat book pages .. .. I have never heard of a fat book before. Oh I do lead a sheltered life LOL!!!

Pleased to hear I am not the only one who struggles with camera settings.

Love Jules xx

Traceyr said...

Your flower photos or rather your husbands are gorgeous. I'm sorry but I don't understand the "fat book" good job I am not in the swap isn't it? hahahaha The pages look fab though.


Julia Dunnit said...

A BIT of twiddling? Yeah - mnd you, as always, fab outcome..and oh look, flowers!! Almost as gorgeous as your real flowers..aren't peonies just the bomb.

Dolly said...

Lovely pages Kathy. I do love peonies, there were loads at Chelsea this year. :)x

Hazel said...

Such beautiful stunning flowers - those who receive the fat book pages are going to be so pleased (sorry I missed out on this one, but can't do everything) x