Thursday, June 24, 2010

Bee is for Birthday

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Another lovely day.  I was out watering the garden at 7.30 this morning in the hope that the dew would still be keeping the pollen in check.  I do love sunny days, but the last few have really had me suffering with my hay-fever, it's not so breezy today so hopefully that'll help too.
Have you been watching the tennis?  I have the little portable TV set up in the study so I can craft and watch at the same time.  yesterday I had the BBC website up and was flicking between the matches you can watch on there too.  I have to say, that while that marathon Isner v. Mahut match is incredible in it's record-breaking way, it's not the most exciting contest I've ever seen!  If Isner moves any more slowly between points he might fall asleep between footsteps!  It wouldn't have lasted nearly as long if he'd moved his butt a bit quicker. hehehe  Still. even staying upright after all this time on court is a feat in itself.
Mr Federer isn't taking it all like a walk in the park this year, is he?  Nadal is looking awesome - I love both these guys style and as long as one of them wins in the end I'll be a happy bunny. At the risk of sounding unpatriotic, I don't like Andy Murray, there's something in his demeanour that puts me right off.  Ooooh contentious, eh? hehehe

Right back to the important stuff of crafting!
Yesterday I mentioned the little book project that was on my desk.  Not only did I get it all finished, but I even managed to get my Daring Cardmakers card ready for Friday - that's usually top of my Last-Minute-Minnie Thursday list.
Anyway, as you might have guessed from the title of the book, it's a little birthday book.  It's pocket sized and has pockets in it!  The basic book is actually made from one sheet of 12x12, though I've added a cover to mine as I never manage to leave things be!

I've used more papers by Nikki Sivils for this book.  I didn't get the "Willow Bee" paper pad in my pile of goodies, but I did get some of the 12x12 versions of the papers and those are what I've used here.  Apart from the rusty-brown piece I used on the covers which is from "Will He B the 1").
From NSS I've used lots of layers cut from different papers, "easy cut sheets", stickers and just one of the fab burlap buttons.  

I've punched the little bees from one of the papers and used them on the covers and on the tags inside.
The book title is Robo cut, as are the names of the months for the tags.  The centre of the big sunflower was covered with Glossy Accents and lots of tiny beads.
The white Bazzill "pages" were inked with two shades of pale blue Cat's Eye inks, then the pocket sections were trimmed with pieces cut from the borders paper in the Willow Bee collection

The tags are just cut from matching shades of Bazzill, trimmed with lots of ribbon.  I've used the punched bees to cover the ugly staples and to carry the theme through the book.  The lined pieces for adding dates and names to the tags are pc generated.
There's a spare tag in each of the end pockets for notes or to use if any month is stuffed with too many dates for one tag to cope with!

I really enjoyed making this little book.  I love that you only need the one sheet of 12x12 and that there's only a little bit of folding and just one cut to be made!  It means you're soon on to the fun decorating bit. 
  I hope you like it, I'd love to hear what you think.


tracy said...

thats lovely kathy :)

Spardha said...

cute!.. i made something similar.. but out of sdcraps! :)

Spyder said...

This is really pretty! love it!

Janice said...

That's a great use for those little pocket books, I might have to make another one myself!

Smita said...

Gorgeous!!! I love all the detail... I can never make a book project or anything close... It makes medizzy seeing the amount of work involved :-))

I missed the Mahut-Isner match yesterday :-(

Karen said...

ooo I really like this...the tags are a great idea Kathy!

er....I don't like am either!!! I only caught half of the match last night & hope its all over soon. As for Nadal & Federer...would be great if they were in the final wouldn't it...but who would win??? haha XXX

Wipso said...

That little book is really lovely and I'm right there with you on the tennis :-)
A x

Kaz said...

This is gorgeous Kathy, you've made those brown pages look wonderful xx

Pat said...

This is really gorgeous! and what a great idea.
Hugs xx

Kathy Rogers said...

This is gorgeous how did you make it? I think I need to make one.

Julie said...

Love it I myself am in the middle of making a birthday book.

Angelnorth said...

Great little pocket book Kathy and using it as birthday book is a great idea, love it!

Lisa Hemmings said...

Oh Kathy it is lovely!
I love the colours and your "attention to detail"!!
Love Lisa xx

Kath said...

I love this little book and the idea is great. I might have to make one, which would be splendid. I need some inspiration at the moment to get me going again!
Kath x

Gail Moore said...

Wow I love this - what a great idea.

Kathy said...

Its really nice, everyone needs a book like it, I am hopless at remembering dates, thank god for facebook lol. love the little bees

Anonymous said...

could you put a tutorial of this book please? *

Kate said...

I knew when we sa a sneak of this little book it would be good. Are you able to provide instructions for folding and cutting the 12x12 sheet?

I've been enjoying the tennis too!

** Kate **

Hazel said...

This is fab and much detail - and like the way you've made some spare tags too x