Thursday, March 11, 2010

On the ball, Moi?

Maybe not!
About lunchtime yesterday I sat down at the pc to load up the photos I'd done ready for today's Bubbly Scrumptious.  Just as I realised that I'd taken the pics without actually finishing the page of my word book that I wanted to share and still had bits to add, an advertisement on the radio invaded my consciousness saying that Sunday the 14th was Mothering Sunday.  No!  it can't be the 14th.  I'm sure it's later in the month.
The realisation that I've only made one of the two commissioned cards which need to get up to my customer in Northumberland in time for her to send/give, and that we've not organised anything for MIL yet and it's lunctime on Wednesday already didn't do me any good at all!

I've mentioned before that I'm not a quick crafter - I like to take my time, give myself lots of time to faff about, to hum and haw about which papers, fonts, embellishments to use.  Well yesterday I was like greased lightning!  Although I was a bit cross with myself when I realised that the flower I'd made for last week's DCM challenge was way too big for the card I was making, it proved to be a blessing in disguise!
Not only would it make a nice focus for the second card, but it stopped my usual mythering about which colours/papers to use. Good job I'd saved the rest of the Lokta paper I'd coloured for last week's card too!

I can't quite believe how quickly this card went together and by 2.45 both were finished, had their inserts, were bagged, parcelled and in the post.  I know!  Shocking isn't it!
For MIL's card I cheated a little bit - I'd not added greetings to the butterfly cards I made for the February Crafty Templates DT, so I just added a rub-on greeting to one of those and handed that and the whole Mother's Day problem over to Hubby
I guess I'd have noticed the date was so soon if my own mum was still around, but part of me blocks out all the hooha around "painful" dates.  So whilst I know it's always in March, and I knew I had cards to make, but the soon-ness  of the day really took me by surprise, how I've let it creep up on me so stealthily I just don't know.

Anyway. once that was done I set too and finished the New York page for my word book.  You can read all about it on today's Bubbly Scrumptious blog - please accept my apologies if it reads as though it was written in a bit of a hurry - that's because it was!

Today I've got my DCM card for tomorrow to make (if I ever come up with a plan!) plus I need to get something done for my niece Izzy's 16th birthday which is this weekend - so it's off the pc and over to the craft desk for me.  But I'm having a coffee first.  It's medicinal.....I think the "emergency Mars Bar£ might be needed today too.
I will catch up with my blog-hopping, I will, but it might not be today!
Thanks for popping by today


tracy said...

loving the book kathy:)
your mums card is lovely-i need to my mums yet!!!

Karen said...

Goodness Kathy, I do hope the mars bar helped!!! Your card is lovely of course! I know what you mean about Mothers Day as I avoid Fathers Day for much the same reason.

Loving your book too , HUGS XXX

Kaz said...

Oh yes, the emergency mars bar was probably the best thing you could have done.
Love the card, so glad it didn't take too much faffing xxx

Janice said...

Great job Kathy, sometimes the motivation to get finished quick just kicks in and you turn out a great card.

Angelnorth said...

Well done - it may have been a rush job but certainly doesn't look it! I'm still absolutely sure that I read mother's day was the 21st this year!

Julia Dunnit said...

Oh you're busy! ow come it works so well for you and I've ground to a halt! The cards are just perfect.

Hazel said...

Good thinking with the flowers - and exquisite cards as a result x

Susie Sugar said...

Adorable mothers day card darling and you have been making some lovely flowers on your cards , I am very much into making flowers at the moment but yours are fantastic .
I have a box of wired flowers like yours must make an effort to try to use some
Anyway no desk this week ?
I haven't commented on all as there are so many entries now golly !!! I can't keep up
chat soon
Hugs Susie xx