Friday, March 12, 2010

A Host of Golden Daffodils

The ones in my garden seem very reluctant to show themselves, and tbh I don't really blame them, it's been such a bad winter.  I think it was someone on the TV the other day who said that they normally had about 26 frosty/snowy days during the winter and this year they were already up to 48.
Anyway, over on the DCM this week we're trying to encourage those daffies out into the open.  It's our Lovely Lynda's turn to set the dare and here's what she says:
This week it's Lynda here to set the challenge and as my birthday occurs in March, and we've already covered the birthstone for the month, I thought it would be a lovely idea to use the March flower as inspiration for our cards.
So I'd like to see.......
A Host of Golden Daffodils
this week.
Please use daffodils on your cards or maybe make a card inspired in some way by those sunny yellow flowers.
If you head over to our BLOG you're in for a treat as the cards are all so sunny and Springlike.  We didn't find this dare at all easy, for some reason there's not a lot of daffodil themed stash around - what a shame that is too - they are such lovely, cheery flowers aren't they?
I spent  a while getting good and gluey seeing if I could make some daffodils with dies and punches.  The outer petals on the larger daffodils are cut with a Cuttlebug die.  I used a small Nesties "pinking circles" for the centre, cutting and twiddling in the same way as I make the coiled flowers but glueing in some wire and trying for a shape more like the trumpet of the daffy.  For a couple of the small flowers I used a Kikyou punch for the outer petals and a wired flower from my stash inked in orange for the trumpet.  I've no idea what sort of flower they are - they're very small and they're not rosebuds but that's all I can tell you!  
While delving into the lower layers of my big box of wired flowers.....

.....I found some little white and yellow fabric daffs so I've added a couple of those too.
Papers are from a really old MM pad; MS Doily Lace punch used on the lower edge.  
Yellow gingham ribbon is from my stash
Sentiment is from one of my home made transfer sheets - I love this font, it's called "Lemon Chicken"
The top of the card looked a bit bare so I added the three brads to pick out the colours I'd used on the rest.
I'm really looking forward to seeing all the daffodil-inspired cards this week, I know  it's going to be a real treat to wander around seeing all that sunny yellow all over your cards.  
I managed to spend some time yesterday evening having a quick look around Crafty Blogland - what a lovely way to spend an hour, I really enjoyed it and I must try to do it more often.
Right, my job for today is to come up with something for my niece's birthday card - I had a vague idea of what I wanted to do, but having spent yesterday afternoon making flowers with this in mind, I don't think it's actually going to work after all.  bummer!
Back to the drawing board, then!
Thanks for visiting, please leave a comment - which reminds me, Blogger is doing something odd with the comments - if it says there's 1 comment to moderate when I go to do it I find there are 2 comments, if it says there are 2 there's actually 3 and so on.  My problem here is that if there really is 1 comment - what happens?  I'm assuming it won't show up until another if you left a comment and it hasn't appeared, well maybe you could leave another one and we'll see what happens!
Right, I really am off now....



Lynda said...

I just love it Kathy and your daffies are fabulous. What a fab box of flowers you've got there too I thought I had a lot lol!

Love Lynda xxx

Wipso said...

That is a really cheery card Kathy. What a fab box of flowers you have there.
A x

Lythan said...

This is so absolutely gorgeous Kathy. Well worth all the hard work

Rein said...

Lovely card Kathy!

Kaz said...

That's gorgeous Kathy, I love how you've made those flowers. Is that box of flowers full of ones you bought the last time they were in vogue. I very nearly threw mine out a little while ago, so glad I didn't.
that font is fab, I'm off to find it!! Thanks you xxx

Anonymous said...

oh wow...I thought they were bought flowers - hadnt realised you had made them!A fab spring-like card.

Karen said...

ooo I love the daffies you have made...really effective!

Yep...blogger is playing up at the moment, its doing the same to me XXX

Anonymous said...

Your daffies are gorgeous Kathy. Its a fabulous pretty and fresh spring-like card and what a great name for a font - Lemon Chicken - love it! :)

Hazel said...

I love daffodils - your card is very pretty. Ours are keeping quite hidden in the garden too - I don't blame them x

Carol said...

Kathy - wozza what a box of flowers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! lolx gorgeous card so fresh...

I've had trouble with blogger too, but, mine says that the comments have published and they aren't appearing on my blog!!

Have a great weekend. xx

Angelnorth said...

Lovely sunshiney springy card Kathy, you did a fab job on the daffodiddlies!

SueH said...

Just how many flowers are in that box Mrs. B!

You’ve created a real masterpiece there Kathy; the flowers are so beautiful, far better than anything you could have brought in the shops.


Janice said...

Nothing like a good rummage at the bottom of a box to turn up something fabulous. Great card Kathy, so bright and cheerful.

Traceyr said...

Wonderful card Kathy - so bright and cheerful.

Hope the comment box gets sorted too!


Enfys said...

Love your daffs Kathy, such a joy to see spring colours. Your big box of flowers looks yummy too!
big hugs
En xx

Julia Dunnit said...

Oh very cheered by your card, am now willing my garden to show some signs of life! That box of wired flowers is scarey to me; it would certainly tax my storage arrangements!

lisa said...

Hi Kathy.
I've just been having a catch up with your beautiful creations, what a busy lady you are.
I love your Mother's Day cards, that turquoise colour is just lovely. They look really classy.
Your host of daffodils are so cheery, hope they make the sun shine this weekend, this Spring weather is so welcome isn't it!


Natty said...

Wow, that is one serious box of flowers! LOL

But the card is lovely jubbly! So sunny and spring-y! :oD

Kathy said...

lov the card! the daffodils are keeping warm for a little bit longer in my garden