Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Felt Bird

If you like a challenge you might be interested in a fairly new monthly challenge set by Karen over on the Bubbly Scrumptious emag. The challenged run for a month and are just for a bit of fun - and hopefully to stretch our creativity and make us step out of our comfort zones just a little bit.

Last month we were asked to decorate a tin - I did that little brown and cream number with some of the gorgeous Artful Flowers on it. This month Karen asked us to make a felt bird - she asked a few people to make one so she would have something to put on the initial post to give some ideas. Once I'd made mine and sent the pics I completely forgot to add it on here.
I'm busily working on DT stuff and cards for an order so haven't had much I can share this week, but checking all the new stuff on the emag this morning reminded me about my felt bird

He's quite tiny - the whole card is only 12x12cms.
Once I'd made the bird - using the first pieces of felt that I found in my scraps box, I couldn't think what sort of background to put him on. You'd think I'd have learned a little about forward planning by now, wouldn't you? Took longer to decide on the background than it did to make the flippin' bird!

May is fast approaching and I suppose that'll mean another nagging email from Karen lol lol about the next challenge. Actually {wink wink} I already know what it is. Do you want me to whisper?....

Still time to flutter over to Bubbly Scrumptious and join in with the felt bird challenge though....and see all the other fabby articles and projects that appear there every day too


Karen said...

hahahahahahaha you calling me a nag Kathy??? hehe!!! Looking forward to seeing what you have for Mays challenge hehe

I love your little bird...its so pretty with all the beads & embroidery X

Carol Ann said...

Lovely card Kathy and that ickle birdie is just soooo cute x

Angelnorth said...

Love your cute little birdie, the blanket stitch edging to his wing is perfect and all those little beads give him such a sweet look!

Traceyr said...

Lovely birdie Kathy. Do you want to whisper the challenge to me? hahaha I won't tell anyone. :)