Monday, April 06, 2009

April Flowers!

Another lovely day here today, it's just soooo good to have the sun shining and to actually feel a bit of warmth in the air - it seems to have been a long winter. The sunny dry weather does mean I'm having to get the hose out and water the bit of garden we've put grass seed down on though, and the new shrubs I planted last week have to be watered too, along with the stuff in pots - I keep thinking it can't last - those April Showers are just around the corner....
A couple of Autumns ago I spent ages planting loads of Spring bulbs out in the garden. They were okay last year, but this year it's been wondeful to see so many daffodils - they seemed very late in coming up but once they did - well, it makes all that digging worthwhile, I do love to see daffs - they really cheer me up.

When we moved here we planted our little magnolia tree into the garden -we brought from our old house and it had always lived in a pot until then. It's taken a couple of years to settle in, but this year I'm soooo chuffed because there are loads and loads of blossoms on it. I was a bit worried when we had some frost last week, but they all look to have survived. I found someone new to look after the grass and help me get control of the rest of the wilderness - and only a couple of sessions later everything is already looking so much better. I know it sounds like I'm a lazy moo but I spent hours weeding and digging and then I'd stand back to look at the results......and find the bit I'd done was just lost among the rest of the mess. I definitely needed help!

I know it's not going to happen overnight, but I reckon that all that ivy and all those weeds that think they own my garden are in for a shock!
I'm so excited about being able to fill the space with plants and shrubs - the local garden centres will make a fortune!

Anyway, on to some crafty stuff.
I've been working with the fab April Flowers Kit from Creative Treasures which is called "Spring Meadows" and is the loveliest mix of flowers and ribbons in lilacs, pale green and yellows. There's a fab stamp too - which I still haven't found, even though I've tidied BOTH my desks now. Bummer too as although I rarely do any stamping, this one appealed to me and I really wanted to use it. grrr

The first couple of pictures show the latest things I've made with the kit, the other two are cards I've already shown eleswhere on the blog, but I thought it might be nice to see them all together. I've still got loads of the flowers left too - you really do get a lot in your goodie bag!

I'll quite often use flowers to decorate a gift. I'd planned to use one of the big blooms for this one, but when I started fixing them together I decided that layering the small and medium sized ones up with small card layers inbetween the flowers worked really well. I used a button-style brad in the middle. The lovely lilac ribbon is in the April kit too.
This little box was cut on the Robo and has a heart-shaped fastening on the top. I thought I'd fill it with those tiny chocolate eggs as a little Easter gift. The yellow twill ribbon and all but the tiniest lilac flowers are from the kit. I've used faux brads for the flower centres, topped with lemon Ice Stickles, the edges of the box were inked in lime, and I added more of the Stickles over the ink.
I've already waffled about these two cards on earlier posts so I'll just show the pics!

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Beth said...

Lovely creations Kathy, especially the little gift box and tag. XX

Sue said...

What lovely colours Kathy.
Your little Easter box looks gorgeous.
Sue x

Karen said...

No wonder you are excited about your garden Kathy, it looks gorgeous already. I am pleased the Magnolia survived and is looking so beautiful this year, they are lovely trees. I look forward to seeing more progress on the garden front.

oooo I love that little robo box and you have decorated it so prettily too XXX

Angelnorth said...

Fab stuff in the garden and the craft creations! Love the little box especially - so pretty!

Kaz said...

Ooo I love what you've been making Kathy, those colours are so springy.

Garden's looking good too.

Janice said...

I love Magnolias, yours looks like it is happy in it's new home. Lovely cards too, bright and cheery.

Hazel said...

Lots more delicious crafting from you again today, Kathy - and gorgeous photos too - I agree about daffodils, love seeing their bright sunny look x

Di said...

Beautiful creations Kathy, I love the little gift box xx

Enfys said...

What beautiful stuff to brighten anybody's day. I particularly love the little box. Your garden looks stunning too.

Jackie said...

Beautiful work as always Mrs B :) and your garden looks lovely. I love daffs too....they are such a cheerful flower. I've got pink ones too :)