Friday, March 20, 2009


I'm still all of a flutter after yesterday's little excitement, but as it's DCM day I need to come back to earth!

It's Tracie's turn to set the challenge and as over here in the UK it's Mother's Day on Sunday she's asking us to make cards "for Women or featuring Women".
I decided to have a change from using all the gorgeous bright and sunshiney papers I've been using lately and go for something simpler, and hopefully more "classic" whatever that means!

Then on Wednesday our Postie knocked on the door with a little parcel for me - it was my DT goodie bag for the April Flower Kit from Tracy at Creative Treasures - and oh they are soooooo pretty. Seeing them gave me an idea for my DCM card and after I'd made it I thought I'd better check it wasn't too soon to be showing the April flowers!
It was OK - just as well really, as I hadn't got a Plan B!

This is my card
I think this lady is one of my Great Great Grandmothers, I'm lucky enough to have quite a lot of old family photos, and many of them I've been able to put names to during my family history research, this is one I'm not sure about, but comparing it to others I think she's definitely "one of mine". The photo is very faded so I had to PSP it a bit, but I love the very soft lines and the way it just fades away at the edges. Mind you I'd have loved to get a closer look at that dress - and just look at her waist!
The gorgeous Spring coloured flowers and the yellow ribbon are from the Creative Ttreasures April Kit
Lolac velvet ribbon and tiny brads are from my stash
The swirl is from a sheet of rub-ons thatcame in one of the Crate Paper collections - I forget which, sorry!

This is the card I made for MIL, the flowers and ribbon on this one are from the Creative Treasures March kit
I don't have my own mum to make a card for anymore, but she loved seeing the things I made and always encouraged me in whatever crafting I was "into" at the time. Maybe she's still around somewhere cheering me on!

Don't forget to give your mum a hug on Sunday, and don't forget to check out all the lovely cards on the DCM blog either!


Karen said...

The card you have made with 'your' lady on is classicly beautiful Kathy. Her dress is amazing and to think it was prob hand stitched. I tried not to look at her waist as I would only feel fatter hehe.

You have made a pretty Mothers Day card too, your MIL will love it! X

Lythan said...

beautiful cards as ever. Those flower kits look very tempting! Hugs for you for mother's day. It must be so hard on a day like that when your own mother isn't there to spoil. But it is great that the special bond and love that you shared goes on

Lisa Hemmings said...

The cards are Beautiful!
You are so creative. I too don't have my mum so I make a special card for my Mother-in Law.
Lisa xx

Ellepiggo by Vanessa said...

They're both gorgeous Kathy. :) I love the image of your ancestor - and I am so envious of her waistline!!


Rosie (Freycob) said...

Lovely cards Kathy. So lucky to have photographs of your ancestors.

Big hugs to you for Mothering Sunday. Will doesn't have his mum anymore either so I know how hard it is and how desperately you miss them on their special day.

I bet your mum is still your biggest fan and has got you on an RSS feed to keep an eye on your creativity! ;-)

Lots of love.


Janice said...

Love the chocolate and turquoise.

Angelnorth said...

Ah - her waist may be small but could she breathe? She makes a lovely focal image for the card, either way. The turquoise looks fab with the rich base colour on the second one too Kathy - great stuff. I bet your mum is cheering you on and she's probably been enjoying all those sunny colours you've been using of late, too - hugs to you for mother's day.

seedlings mum said...

Both cards are lovely as always and like everyone else.....jealous of the ladies waistline! lol

Di said...

Fabulous cards as always Kathy :)

Creative Treasures said...

Again Kathy such fabulous cards, I'm sure your MIL will love it, I also love the image of your ancestor, the colours of the flowers go fab with that picture.


Martina2801 said...

Fantastic cards. Love them.

Jozza said...

Two gorgeous cards Kathy. xxx