Monday, December 29, 2008

Post-Christmas Post

Well, I have a day or so breather between Christmas and New Year to get back to the pc, so I'm taking the chance of a quick catch up on the blog.

I hope everyone who comes by the Wafflezone had a wonderful Christmas and that that nice, kindly Old Man in Red was good to you.

Rubbish photo, sorry (hubby hasn't sorted out his pics yet, so I can't snaffle them), but here's our tree first thing Christmas morning. See that big parcel behind the tree on the left? Well, here's a very happy me after I'd opened it!
It's fab! My cappuccino addiction is being fed quite nicely now, thank you Hubby Dearest!
At last a machine that makes fab froth fast!

He knows me well my hubby does, which is probably why he couldn't resist this when he saw it:

And then there was this teeny weeny zen garden - he must think I'm stressed and in need of quiet meditation!
He may well be right!

There were CDs, posh toiletries and all sorts of other goodies for me, and some of the family gave us things for both of us, so there's plenty of tasty treats, bottles of wine and a nice lot of money on Ticketmaster cards for us to spend on concerts. theatre trips or whatever we fancy.

We had a couple of hours gift-swapping with my bro and family on Christmas morning before returning home to spend the rest of the day "just the two of us", then at the weekend we headed over to Hampshire to visit both sets of my SiL/BiLs who live quite close to each other, plus MiL who was staying there too.
We've still got a few pressies to open when my aunt, uncle and cousin arrive to spend New Year with us, so we're really spreading Christmas out this year.

I've got a few crafty makes to share on here, plus sneak peeks of things made with the stunning new Bubbly Funk Kit but I think I'll schedule them to load over the next few days as I'll probably not get much chance to come a-blogging over New Year (sneaky or what?)

Hope you had a wonderful Christmas, I'm going to try and have a wander around the blogs this afternoon and see what I've missed over the last week or so!

See you soon......


Janice said...

Love the Procrastinator doodle pad! I'm sure you will put it to good use when you are drinking your cappucino lol. Look forward to seeing your crafty stuff when if magically appears.

Rosie (Freycob) said...

You told me that was what was in the box!!! Did you sneak a peek you naughty Kathy, you! HAHA

Have a fabulous New Year.


Gez said...

Oooh, enjoy your doodle pad Kathy. What a fabby idea while you're drinking your coffee. Hope we get to see your gardening creations.

Have a lovely New Year with your cousin, Aunt & Uncle.

Best Wishes.

Gez. xx

Hazel said...

Glad you had a good Christmas with lots of goodies - posh coffee now in your house! Look forward to seeing the scheduled peeks! x

Juliet said...

Ooooh chuck one of those coffees my way Kathy! Look forward to seeing the new BF kit. Happy New Year xxx

Jackie said...

Glad the man in red was good to you.....that coffee machine just looks 'the business!' :)

Sarah said...

I have left you something on my blog :o)

CraftyCarol said...

That is one mean looking coffee machine! sounds like the man in read was very good to you! Looking forward to seeing your sneaky peeks!! xx

Anonymous said...

Sounds like you had a lovely Christmas Kathy. :) And I just lurrrrrrrvvvveee your cappuccino maker!!! I've got a little one and boy does it get some use! LOL