Thursday, December 04, 2008

Look Around

As always, Friday is Daring Cardmakers Day and this week it's my turn to set the dare - and if you're not already scared just hearing that, then you should be, because this one is real challenge. Well, I think it is, but I'm happy to be proved wrong - go on, I DARE you!
This week you can make any card you like - so it can be for Christmas, or for any occasion you like, but I'd like you to look for your inspiration right there, in your home.
The idea is that you look around your home and find a pattern, design, motif etc - or just part of one that you can replicate and use as the inspiration for your card design

You could use the pattern of the floor or wall tiles in your kitchen or bathroom, or even your patio tiles

Or maybe there's a pattern/motif that's used on a picture frame, wallpaper or curtains.

Or how about checking your crockery, a vase, an ornament for a motif you could develop into a design for a card

Once you start looking around, you'll see loads of little design motifs that can work for you - at least I hope you will!

And now I'm going to be really greedy and say that it would be especially good if you could add a photo of the original item when you write your blog!

I don't ask for much, do I? hehehe
The Design Team were very quiet after I posted this dare for them - I was beginning to think it was A Dare Too Far! You can see the cards the Brave Ones came up with over on the DCM blog, and I'm really looking forward to seeing how the Darers rise to the challenge. I used the border tiles in the bathroom as my inspiration for this card. It's for my brother's birthday and I thought a design like this would work well for a man's card - and you all know how hard men's cards can be! I just added a monogram to the design and it was done, and it's not even his birthday for a week or so. That's got to be a record!

I've used a mix of Blonde Moments and Junkits papers for this card. I cut the shapes and the monogram with the Craft. The mosaic shapes were cut once in paper and a couple of times in thin card then stuck together it would be great if Mr Robo cut thicker card, but it doesn't and this is my way around the problem when I want some dimension. The a"real" tiles are quite glittery - I resisted the urge to glitter the paper version but I did add a bit of black Stickles to the "M". A while ago I showed some sewing projects made using the latest pack of ribbon sent by Bea over at Ribbon Oasis. I also made a few cards using these lovely red, green and white ribbons and trims, but I forgot to post them on here. This is a version of the "noel" card I showed a few days back, this time with a bit of added zhoosh from ribbon and brads I'll save the others for another day - it's a bit hectic around here so it'll be good to have some reserve cards to share! Or is that just too sneaky?


Angelnorth said...

The mosaic tiles card looks really stylish Kathy, love it! Not sure my plain emulsion painted walls are going to give up much here but I'll have a think!

Susan (Sue H) said...

Thanks for setting a great dare this week Kathy.

Your card is fab….lovely clean lines and just perfect for those dreaded ‘men’s’ cards that we all seem to struggle with….well I do anyway!!

Lythan said...

Its a great dare Kathy - I keep looking round the house and finding more inspiration! And I love the black and white card - v. stylish. You are also so brill at using ribbon in different ways. I tend to stick with a strip or knot across the card - so thanks for that inspiration too

Gez said...

What a fabulous idea Kathy.

Certainly one for the weekend. ;)

Take care. x

librariane said...

I absolutely LOVE that tile inspired card! I think part of it is the b&w aspect, as well as the layout and patterns.

Anice said...

Love the black and white card so stylish!
Anice xx

Pascale said...

Great card Kathy and great challenge. I love your interpretation of the tiles. Pascale:)

maddy hill said...

hey that mosaic card is brill Kathy and i love the noel card with the ribbon and brads - love that green spotted red ribbon Kathy !

Hazel said...

What a fab dare, Kathy - and love what you've come up with. I've got an idea for this one - just need some more time now!

Sarah said...

A very tricky dare kathy! I love your cards and the black and white one is fab for a male card.

Anonymous said...

Lovely cards and shows a lot of skill and thought when you use such inspiration! Great to see a crafter with genuine skills and imagination. Thanks for sharing as ever. I enjoy reading and seeing the ideas but am not able to join in DCM regularly as I need to be able to rest after my chemo etc. Thanks so much! You reach out to more people than you will ever know and should be proud of it! Shame they are not all similar to you. Some could learn huge huge lessons yet they think they can craft!

Karen said...

I love a dare that really stretches the imagination!!! Still looking around X

Evelina Wikberg said...

Lovely cards. Loved this weeks challenge but when I first read it I thought, Omg, how am I gonna do it and what am I gonna do, but I suppose that is what daring is all about. Had a great time doing it even though I took the inspiration from some old a good week.