Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Yes, we Have no Tomatoes

Well, actually we have rather a lot of them.
I'd already spent hours and hours skinning, chopping and freezing bagfuls of tomatoes ready for adding to soups and sauces when I thought about taking this photo
On Sunday Hubby and I prepared all the ripe ones you can see here, which took ages - and then I went out and picked all the ones that were still on the plants. So there's still about the same amount as this sitting on the breakfasr bar.
Anyone want some tomatoes?
Tomatoe recipes gladly accepted too, btw.
Apparently its been a bad year for tomatoes.........

One last sneak peek of Bubbly Funk Kit projects for the October kit. I've got stacks of stuff still to use though, plus the paint tin that it comes in to decorate - so plenty of scope for more Christmassy Crafting yet.
I'm busy with loads of crafty projects atm so should have plenty to blog in the next week or so.
So much to do, so little time

The new radiators seem to be doing their stuff - the lounge is no longer an ice-box and fleecy rugs may not be needed for the winter after all - well, they still may be if the fuel companies don't stop being so greedy.....
We also have water in the en-suite that doesn't take a full two minutes to warm up (what a waste) it used to be the last place the hot water got to, now that room gets the hot water first - which sounds such a small thing but makes such a difference. He needs to come back to fix the boiler though, and to make sure all the radiators are balanced properly. Should be a warmer Winter in our house this year, yay!

Right, enough procrastination. Coffee and back to work, I think


tracy said...

what lovely tomatoes,mine didn't do anything this year :(
lovely sneak peek too:)

Karen said...

Yum...what a lovely crop of tomatoes Kathy! I can't tell the sixe tho...are they the little ones?? X

Kaz said...

Oooohhhh that sneaky peek looks intriguing. Can't wait to see it properly.

Hazel said...

Glad you're warmer now! You've done so well with your tomatoes.

Beth said...

What lovely tomatoes Kathy, lovely christmas matching colours too, ha ha. What a very interesting snap shot of the kit too, lovely. XX

Angelnorth said...

I did post that roasted tomato soup recipe a while back - any good to you? Freezes well (just don't add the fresh herbs that you'd stir in just before serving). The sneak peek looks fun again!

Gez said...

Great looking toms Kathy. Looks like you had quite a crop. Well done. Lovely sneak peaks. All that lovely ribbon. oooh. Can't wait to see what you do to the paint tin :)