Wednesday, October 15, 2008

A Change in the Weather

Sitting here on a rainy Wednesday, nursing an extra cup of coffee just to warm me up it's hard to believe that on Sunday it was warm enough to be outdoors in short sleeves, This countrys weather is mad.
Here are a few of the photos I took at Wrest Park in Bedfordshire on Sunday afternoon - check out those blue skies!

This is another card made for the August Bubbly Funk Kit, which was filled with K&Co Wild Saffron goodness:

I've been using my tiny eyelet setter and hammer again as you can see!
I really like the effect you get - I even like getting the hammer out instead of Mr Cropodile for a change - there's something therapeutic about bashing things with a hammer.....just not so keen on the racket I make, or the headache I get as aresult!
You can click on the pics for a clser look if you like.

I made these two cards using the same basic plan, the first is an anniversary card for one BiL/SiL set and uses "The Daily Grind" papers from Fancy Pants - I've just discovered that they are doing 8x8 paper pads for some of their ranges so I indulged myself and bought a couple. They may have been doing these for months/years, but I'm not the most up-with-the-news person!

The second version - well ok, it was the first version if you're going to demand accuracy....was to put in with the blog candy I made for Juliet when she came out of the virtual hat to win my Birthday Blog Candy prize. I know it seems ages ago but I had to wait and see who won, and then do the making. Still I know the postie delivered it safely into Juliet's hands yesterday - I hope she likes what I've made and enjoys finishing it off.
I'll post some pics soon
Fancy Pants papers again, this time I've used Aged Florals - those papers are just sooooo pretty,
The little frame is a slidemount and the blooms are Primas

The new Bubbly Funk Kit should go out today I think. I can't wait to hear what everyone thinks of it - I loved it and am looking forward to getting some spare time so that I can play with it some more. I've still got loads and loads left even after doing four projects so far, it's a fantastic kit. Last time I checked the shop there were still some left to buy, so if you like chipboard and you like Christmas then you should get your hands on one before they sell out just like all the other monthly kits have done

Thanks for looking, please leave a message to say you called by!

More soon


Hazel said...

Yes, isn't the change in the weather crazy! Fab crafting as ever - love the made-up sentiment on yesterday's card - you should patent it!

Karen said...

Those little holes go perfectly with the idea of the butterfly AND match the paper lace. I have some slidemounts but I always forget them...silly really!!!

Beautiful cards Kathy and yep...the weather is sooo silly X

Anonymous said...

This is my first visit to your blog and I reckon I'll be back a few times. You have some lovely lovely cards and photos that you have taken.

Gorgeous card you made for Juliet x

esther said...

dribble dribble, oooh yummy papers! I love the K & co saffron papers! Also gorgeous colours on that anniversary card too! love the punched detail with the setter, looks grea aganst the k & co ribbon

Jackie said...

Great work as usual Kathy.
As for the weather.....pah! We walked all round York on Sunday without coats and it's been grotty since!!!

tracy said...

love your photos kathy,you couldn't have got pictures like that in the summer this year!!!
i love using a hammer too put had to stop coz everytime i hammered jasper would jump!!(his tank is on the side of my desk!)
great cards,as always:)

carolann said...

Wow these are stunning hun gorgeous cards well done xxxx