Monday, March 17, 2008

Izzy's Birthday

It was my gorgeous niece Izzy's 14th birthday on Friday - exactly how did she get to be 14 already?

We gave her the birthday cake card I recently made for Crafty Templates DT - it seemed just right for her.

Of all things, she wanted a camp bed to take with her when she goes to Wales with her friends from the riding stable over Easter - so we obliged and bought that, along with the CD from this years Brit Awards.

We went over to have pizza and birthday cake with her on Friday evening and she managed to get the bed put up - with a bit of help from her uncle D. I do hope it gets a bit easier though or she'll be sleeping on the ground surrounded by a pile of bits of metal and some canvas next week!For a while now she's been saying "oh I love this" when she ses the phone charm on my mobile phone, so I took the hint and made her one almost the same for her own phone, then I made this cute little box to put it in.Yesterday Hubby helped me to make a Craft Robo template for the box so presents for birthdays and Christmas presents will be bought with it's diminutive size in mind, I think!

That's all for today, thank you for visiting.


Angelnorth said...

Cute box and cute phone charm - I'm sure Izzy loved them both at least as much as her camp bed!

Janice said...

Gorgeous little box Kathy, reminds me of my maze book - hee hee. I wrapped it all up again, so I can enjoy opening it and to keep the light from fading it.

Camp beds eek, i remember them, you do need a bit of strength to get the metal spokes in, but they are the most comfortable thing for camping out.

Kaz said...

Gorgeous bits there Kathy! I think I need a robo to make a box like that, it's beautiful.

Rosie (Freycob) said...

Gorgeous Card, box and phone charm Kathy. Lucky, lucky Izzy!

Ellen said...

hint , hint from Izzy and aunty Kathy makes it. Lucky girl.
What a cute box Kathy thats something to treasure by itself

tracy said...

georgous stuff there kathy,as always :)

Deb said...

Oh these are just so darn cute!! What a great job!

Nick said...

lovely card Kathy-having seen your recent creations I've gievn in and subscribed to craftytemplates!
I love the box, so very very pretty!