Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Still Playing Catch Up

Now that things are beginning to settle down after the Christmas and New Tear madness I've found myself with a HUGE list of things that I need to do. So much for getting back to regular blogging!
I have loads of crafty stuff to get done, quite apart from trying to get the house striaght again, which since our visitors arrived pretty much as the builders left means a lot of stuff that was rammed into cupboards and all sorts of assorted out-of-the-way places need to be rediscovered and put back where it belongs.
And there's always the Everest-sized mountain of washing and ironing.....
We now have built in cupboards in both bathrooms but I've not had a chance to actually put much in them yet.

We bought gorgeous dark red towels for the main bathroom and my Aunt and Uncle liked the colour, and liked the fluffiness of them - what they weern't so keen on was getting covered with red fluffy bits efater every shower and wash! And I'm not so keen on the fine layer of red "dust" that covers the floor, the walls, the sinks.......and the red footprints leading across the landing!
I think those towels will be washed VERY frequently in the next few months - whether they are in use or not to make them more user (and housewife) friendly!
I don't think I ever got as far as posting pics of the finished building work. We're sooooo pleased with everything now, it's made such a difference - all that time and effort has been worthwhile - you can scroll back to October if you need to check!

The "new" main bathroom

Our Bedroom

Our en suite shower room

A few of my Christmas goodies

Mu lovely new food mixer - not much chance of my being the blonde Nigella though!
My gorgeous new toasty-warm fluffy lined CrocsGot my regular subscription to the US Papercrafts magazine, plus these two fab books from MIL
And just in case I ever find myself on another planet -not just what hubby calls "Planeet Kathy", at least I'll have ice-cream.....
Yes, my crazy hubby bought me some astronaut food - it's supposed to taste like reall Neapolitan icecream and an icecream wafer-sandwich - I'll let you know if that's right when I've plucked up the courage to try them!

I've been doing CJs and Design Team stuff this week, but haven't got photos to show yet, still loads more to catch up with, but I'll get there eventually


Beth said...

Kathy my lovely, it was all definately worth while. Everything looks lovely on the pics, glad it's all come together in the end for you both. Well worth it. XX

Di said...

Wow, your rooms look fantastic Kathy. LOL at your astronaut food too!!

Rosie (Freycob) said...

Kathy, your new bathrooms and bedroom were definately worth the wait by the looks of it.

Lucky you, getting a Kitchen Aid for Christmas.

Lovely to have you back in blogland again.

Farmersgirl said...

Bathrooms and bedroom look fantastic Kathy, definitely worth the wait. I'm sure I had some towels like that once, they settle down after a couple of washes - bung them in the tumble dryer that gets the fluff out of them. Lovely pressies too - always the same though, no time to play with them.


Michelle said...

The work youve had done looks fantastic - you must be thrilled and may even get a lie in now theres no builders around. I got some croc mammoths too - cosy arent they?? Nightmare to get the liners out though...

Angelnorth said...

It all looks fab now it's finished Kathy and you'll maybe get time to relax and enjoy it now that the Christmas festivities and visits are drawing to a close. We had dark green towels that did that - they settled down after only a few washes (and I don't have a tumble drier - line drying in a stiff breeze is a good thing!).

Kaz said...

The new rooms are fab Kathy, so worth all the upheaval and stress. Isn't it funny how quickly you get used to new things.

I'm moving in with you!!

LisaBabe said...

Kathy, the house looks amazing. Love your food mixer - I used to have my Dad's aunt's old one which looked just like that.

Great to see you back in blogland.

Lisa xoxo

Em said...

WOW - that bathroom is a bit posh Mrs - hope you aren't allowing anyone to use it LOL!

Susan (Sue H) said...

I'm just catching up on some of your blog entries that I've missed and have to say I think I prefered you Green bathroom.

Ok, that's a lie.....the new bathroom is just beautiful. You must be so pleased with it now it's finished.

Gillian :O) said...

ooooooooohhhhh Kathy your renos look FABBY!!!! how lovely looking!