Thursday, December 21, 2006


Sparked off by Janine's latest blog entry.

Today I am thankful

for my aunt and uncle's safe arrival here after a horrendously foggy drive from Northumberland yesterday

that I've heard from, and emailed friends I've not spoken to in a while because friends aren't so easy to come by and we should cherish those we have

that Paula reminded me that I'd forgotten to renew a couple of magazine subscriptions for my uncles and I've now been on the phone and got them sorted (thanks Paula!)

that the postie has just brought me a lovely box of goodies from Crafts U Love

that all my crafty orders are now done and I only have things for me to do!

that I've had an email from hubby this morning entitled "cards" and reading:
No don't panic - not another order, just letting you know that Shaun's GF received the Paris one today, and was "ecstatic"
- this one was the one I told you about, which had to have fireworks, Christmas, Paris, the Eiffel Tower and the greeting in Italian on it - so I'm pretty happy they both liked it even though I thought it was a mess!

There's more to be thankful for I know, but now I MUST wrap that huge big present for hubby!

Speak to you all soon

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Paula said...

and I'm thankful for finding the Daring Cardmakers & being able to consider you one of my best "cyber" friends.xx

here's to more fun in 2007