Saturday, December 30, 2006


and getting not very far in the catch-up stakes..

A full house of visitors over New Year; Hubby's Ma arrived last night, my aunt, uncle and cousin arrive this afternoon, so I'll be back in a few of days with a proper message, the blog looks a bit sad and neglected at the moment, poor thing.

Friday's Daring Cardmakers weekly challenge was to make a Thank You card. The plan was to keep it simple and straightforward - I'm not sure the brief was followed quite to the letter though - check out the blog and see what you think....

Here's mine:
The card is mini DL size
The die cuts are the mini present QK ones cut in silver and red pearlescent card.
The 3 presents are mounted on an offcut of white hammer card and then on the same red pearlescent.
The greeting was printed on the pc and mounted on a scrap of the silver card, with a tab of red grosgrain ribbon and 3 red brads just to give a bit of "lift" to the whole thing.
I must say that the mini present die is one of my absolute favourite QK dies, I get so much use out of this one - probably more than any other in my collection, so if you've not already got this one, then add it to your "must buy" list - just in case you've got some Christmas money burning a hole in your pocket - I do like to help, you know!
I'll be back asap with all the Christmas news and photos, and to let you know how I'm getting on with the New Arrival, I've even managed to get some more pages done for my aunt's scrapbook - just as well as I'm supposed to be giving it to them when we do Christmas Presents with them on New year's Day! In fact I need to go and finish a page now so that I can clear up and convert our study to a bedroom for my cousin before they arrive. See you all soon.


LisaBabe said...

Great card, Kathy. I've just added the small present to my buy next list. I've already got the tall present and I use him loads :D

Have a great New Year.

Bex said...

Happy New Year to you too Kathy.

Don't stress about the baby album - you can pass over what is done and send additional pages as and when - I gave a few "projects" out this Christmas and sometimes I think passing over 15 odd pages to look at is asking someone to take too much in - excuse works for me anyway and I am sticking with it!

As for the New Arrival - I am TOTALLY Jealous - and keen to see and hear all about how you get on with it.

Have a lovely few days with family - and hopefully we can catch up for a cuppa very soon.

Love Bex xxxxxxx

Janine said...

love it Kathy!!! funny what you use a lot of and good advice there!!

Tracey said...

Gorgeous card Kathy. Think the present die may find it's way onto my shopping list.
Have a lovely New Year
Tracey xxx

Kelly said...

Hi Kathy
I just love this card you made. I really envy people that come up with truly elegant and simple cards like this! I also scrolled down your blog and see that your cards are all fantastic.
Clever you!

Kel said...

Congratulations on your new arrival!! I still haven't got to grips with mine, but it's on the list for next year... Love the card - very stylish and definitely simple - I have the prezzie die and must use it more! Happy New Year hun xxx

Paula said...

Loved the card, very stylish.
I hope you have a great time & Happy New Year!!

Look forward to knowing you again in 2007.xx

Sylvie :) said...

Very beautiful card !!

Maisymary's Findings said...

Happy New Year to you, Kathy !

Love the QK dies indeed and the pearlescent red paper you used in the card !

stay fab, keep safe !

ttfn, Pearl

Gillian Hamilton said...

Gorgeous Classic Card... I think I'll have to add one of those 'You Beaut Cutting machines' to my 'Must Buy' list...

maggie said...

Great card as always Kathy.i think i will be adding that die to my collection.


Sue said...

you have been AWOL for far too long

where are you???? Come on I should have shocked you into posting!!!