Monday, December 18, 2006

Chaos, Crafty and Otherwise

Well here's our tree, it's not a great photo but it's the best I can do for the moment.

We had a busy day yesterday. Hubby put up the new light in the dining room, hooks for the tie backs in our room and the dining room then we put the little tree up in there too so once the curtains arrive (hopefully tomorrow) it'll all be nice and festive and cosy in there ready for Christmas.

While we were doing the tree the new overhead lights flickered and went out.....replaced the bulb concerned and a few minuted later the same thing happened. So I had to retrieve the boxes from the bin (just trying to get some order, y'know...) and hubby had to take the fitment down and go off back to the shop for a replacement. He'd made an appointment to see another car (yes, it still goes on) but had to do the light first before it got dark. At the same time as this is going on, he's decided to sort out the understairs cupboard where he found some strange old pipework; long story short - cut and sealed off the pipes, dripped on the floor, put heater in there to dry out, house currently covered with wine racks and cases/boxes full of bottles waiting to go back in there - and visitors arriving to stay on Wednesday, Kathy stressed.

Ah yes, and Cuz rang to ask if it was ok to come over to bring presents in a bit. Hubby arrives home from test drive to say "I've just bought a car". Phew, at last, I think. Cus, Hubby and I decide pizza is a good call.

I made a load of tags yesterday, and started on the Baby's first Christmas card for an order. Today, I've finished that, and the 70th Birthday card, and made the Baby's First Birthday card too. Are you impressed? Still got the album to do though. Right, got another crafty project I must finished soon so I'm off back to my own desk.


Janine said...

awwww love the baby's first christmas card gorgeous.....

Quilt Nut said...

i love the baby's first christmas card-the reindeer are too cute!

LisaBabe said...

The tree looks gorgeous in the house, Kathy. Love the cards too - just reminded me I need to do a first christmas one for twins for Thursday.


Paula said...

Love the tree.
Those tags are fab & I adore those baby cards.
Someone has uttered horrid words to me.... they want a mini book but not just for a new baby but twins!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I swore I'd never do another baby.
she might forget!!!

Rachel said...

awww Kathy I love the babys first christmas card (puts mine to shame *blush*). What a great idea using the reindeer popping out of stockings