Friday, March 28, 2014

Financial Times....

Serious sort of title, eh?
But it's okay, I'm not going to get into a rant about Bankers, Insurance Companies and all the other assorted crooks... ;)
No - it being Friday should give a clue.  It's all about our lovely Svenja's Daring Cardmakers challenge for this week:
Money Makes the World Go Around

I was completely stuck for most of the week as to what on earth I could do - nothing new there - I know I say that most weeks!  In the end I decided to make a piggy bank - it was going to be a shaped card, but in the end I made this
 Materials and Tools
Black, White and Pink card
Patterned papers from MME "Charmed" 6x6
Ribbon, White pen, Glossy Accents, Bakers Twine
"Happy Birthday" Text 8x8 embossing folder from Crafters Companion
Silhouette Cameo to cut the pig
Own template

Here's a quick run-down on the piggy template:
I made the piggy template from scratch in Paint Shop Pro  it's just a series of what they call "pre-set shapes"!
Ellipses for the head, eyes, snout and nostrils,
Rounded rectangles for the feet 
Triangles for the ears.

Once I'd put all these shapes together I reduced all the bits to a single layer, reduced the colours to 2  (Black and White) and then just used the Paintbrush tool to "round" the straight lines on the ears and legs, and to draw in the back legs. Once I'm happy I make sure to save a copy (as a .gif) to use as a master image for the next stage

Next job is to think about the layers I want on my finished item and alter the picture accordingly - I almost always make a base layer which is the full piece and is handy for sticking all the other layers on to
Then I use the paint brush to cut away the lines I don't want on each subsequent section, saving each new image along the way 
So for this piggy:
Base layer is the complete image
Layer 2; cut away the ears and the back legs to leave just head and front legs
Layer 3; remove front legs so that just the head remains
Layer 3; snout with nostrils cut into it
The extra detail pieces to save are the eyes and the inner ear sections

Now I move all the pieces to the Silhouette, resize and get ready to cut - I cut the snout and the eyes 3 times each for some extra dimension
Once cut, it's just an easy matter to ink the edges and  on the head behind where the snout will go, so a darker shade shows through the holes, then glue all the pieces together in their layers and its done

To mount onto the card I raised this image on a box hinge (like the cover of a matchbox) so that I could tuck rolled up cash or a cheque between card and pig to look like it was going into a piggy bank

It all sounds much more complicated than it actually is, but I hope it makes sense

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Kaz said...

This is fabulous Kathy, what a brilliant idea xxx

Angelnorth said...

Great idea for a money gift card and perfectly executed - what a sweet piggie!

Karen Gist said...

AWE! this is so cute!!!!! x

Kath said...

Really good, Kathy. Love the idea!

Lythan said...

you make it sound so simple :) but it is a FAB take on the dare. That piggy is so cute

Traceyr said...

Very detailed instructions there Kathy thanks. And what a great way to give money as a gift in a "card piggy bank" ingenious. :)

Jo said...

Brilliant card, Kathy, that little piggy is soooo cute!

Miri said...

A piggy bank is the perfect for our challenge! Great idea and a cute realization (I also like the contrating black and white in the background!).

Hazel said...

Oh I love this, Kathy - super x