Thursday, March 06, 2014

Boys' Toys

Boy's cards can be sooooo difficult, can't they.  Sometimes I'm so sick of thinking of new ways to bung a football on a card it makes my brain hurt!
So today I've a couple of Big Boys cards to share and not a football in sight.

The first is a Lego inspired card for my hubby's birthday.
He's always dabbled with Lego - I pander to that by buying Technics kits for him at Christmas hehe.  Recently though Lego for grown ups is much more apparent with things like the Lego Architecture series being available (he got the Leaning Tower of Pisa for Christmas....). 
Anyhoooo some time before Christmas he discovered a website where you could "draw" in your own house, using the exact measurements etc and it would come up with plans and requirements for building yourself a scale model of your house. I know it's a bit mad, and I know how long it took him to do, but we won't go there....suffice to say I did get a tad worried that I might not be getting any Christmas presents myself because of all the time and cash he spent on his new project!  It's not just the outside of the basic "naked" house either - oh no!  You can add the colours (as near as you can with Lego bricks anyway) of your walls, carpets, furnishings ....  Yes. It all is a little crazy.  Here are our Lego selves in our Lego study - you can see all the IKEA shelves etc though they are a lot tidier than in real life ;)
Getting back to the birthday card - I cut all the pieces on the Silhouette and spent what seemed like days sticking them together - there are at least 4 layers to each brick and some have several more so there is a mix of  brick depths.  Yes, I'm just as bonkers as he is.  The circles on the top of the bricks are adhered with tiny bits of foam tape and they took blinking ages as they were so fiddly.
I also made a Lego logo style sentiment for the front of the card, but then I couldn't figure out where to put it so I stuck it inside instead
I was soooo relieved to get it finished! 
Next up was a card for one of my cousins - I think all that Lego sapped my poor head and it took a while to actually think of anything I could do for him.  I know he has a drum kit, so thought maybe I could make something themed around that - but I needed a way of keeping it simple so hunted out a clipart drum kit silhouette that I could convert to cut on my.....Silhouette. 
I'm really impressed at how well the machine coped with the very skinny and detailed cut-lines - I must admit part of the reason for doing this without tweaking the picture was to see how it would cope with so many tiny details.  It got it's own back though - as lifting the completed cut off the cutting mat was a bit of a mare! And getting all the tiny unwanted waste bits off was even more of a mare! 
Right enough of the waffle - can you tell I'm procrastinating as I have other things to be doing but can't seem to get started on them?
Hope you like what you've seen today, and that you've had a little smile too
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Angelnorth said...

You really are insane - those Lego bricks must have taken forever! Great card though! Impressive cut from the Silhouette, glad you're finally getting to grips with it!

Karen Gist said...

So Kathy...I see there is a Lego you!!!! Can you change your hair then????? hahaha! I think your hubby is onto a winner there....I love the idea of that and I think I need to see more pics :-D

Fabulus card you did for him too...all those dots!!!! Great work my lovely xxx

Kaz said...

Good grief Kathy, you don't make things easy for yourself do you??!!! They are well worth the effort you put into them though. Fab ideas!! You have far more patience than me xxx

Kath said...

Amazing card A lot of patience needed to make that. Very clever. I like the drum kit as well.

(I was disappointed though because I thought we were getting a REAL photo of you both!)

Leo said...

Hee hee, that's so cute Kathy, your own LEGO house! Just be thankful that it wasn't a life size one he wanted to build. Didn't they do that on the TV once with the silly fuzzy haired one off Top Gear?

I love that LEGO card too. LEGO is 'trending' right now with the LEGO movie out. I'm defo recycling that idea for a boy card it's ace!
x Leo

Lythan said...

that lego house is amazing! And so is that lego card - just as well you love him loads eh? And I smiled at the thought of you wrangling that silhouette cut off a fresh sticky mat. It was worth it as that is a fab card too :)

Traceyr said...

WOW Kathy that is dedication and must mean you love him lots haha.

Great idea for a male card though.


Anonymous said...

Fabulous cards Kathy and the Lego house is fab too! x