Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Lots of Dots

A couple of weeks ago Leo issued a "Paint Effects" challenge to us on the Daring Cardmakers.  I spent most of a day playing with paints and inks, trying to come up with something I liked and could use for my card.  In the end I shared one with a background made from acrylic paint mixed with Texture Paste and squidged into a die-cut stencil.  I made a few background this way and most are still in the "to be dealt with" pile
The other paint effects rechnique I tried out was one I found on Pinterest - it was in a "good to do with little kids" category, so I reckoned it might be something that even I could have a go at!

 I had a couple of goes with this technique and have to say I had a lovely time just painting with dots!  All you do is use a cotton bud dipped in paint or ink and gently "print" the dots all over the card, or maybe add the dots in a simple pattern - for a tree, or a heart etc
I made a paint palette from an empty hay-fever  pills strip (neat, eh?) for all the ink and paint colours I used here - it meant I didn't waste loads of paint and ink when you need so little to cover a big space.
I cut an aperture in the dotty card and added a frame, then placed it over a piece of card with the quotation printed on it 
The "crayons" are made from rolled coloured card and  the bunting hand-cut from the same colours

I've got something else made with the same technique in that "to be dealt with" pile, so hopefully I'll get that ready to share sometime soon

Thanks for popping by, hope you'll have a go at this technique - I'd love to know if you do and see what you make


Traceyr said...

Love all this dottiness Kathy - I thought the crayons were real!


Angelnorth said...

Looks like great fun Kathy! One of DH's grandsons did a "tribal art" turtle with a similar technique that's up on their kitchen wall. Love your little crayons too, very ingenious!