Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Merry and Bright

Well that;s annoying isn't it.  I started writing my post and somehow manages to delete it.  Well, please just pretend that it was here and you read it - just imagine what it could have said, ok?

This is probably the nearest I get to "production line" Cword card making - but despite cutting the whole word in various different papers (which should have resulted in at least 6 cards) I still only managed these three before I'd had enough of that caper.

Materials and Tools:
Papers "Make a List" from Funky Hand
Card Candy "brads", Narrow ribbon, Stickles glitter glue
Craft Robo for cutting the letters
Wording for tags is pc generated

How do you make your Cword cards?  
Do you choose one or two designs and set up a production line from which you don't waver?
Do you make them steadily throughout the year?
Do you use a fairly simple design that you can vary from card to card and still make a lt in a short time?
Is every card you make the sort that is individual and completely unique - and takes ages to make?

Looking forward to feedback on this - it's always interesting to hear how other crafters work, isn't it?

Thanks for visiting today - see you tomorrow - thanks to "a Card a Day Blogging" which is keeping me on the straight and narrow!

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Loopylou. said...

ooooh I love those Kathy.
I kinda try to get one little card idea and make a few of it but then I go wombling off into one offs and get kidnapped by cute!!! lol!!
huge hugs Lou xxx

Eleanor Bell said...

I love your cards because they are fresh and different. My plan is always to have a few special ones for close family and a simpler design (the same theme but each one a wee bit different) for most of others. It never goes to plan though lol!

Anice said...

Love these cards Kathy, I think I've told you that before!!
I have no plan with my cards each year. Last year I water coloured an image for each card and no one I sent them too even commented :( So I haven't decided yet..shall I make them or buy a load from the MS society?
Anice xx

Sue said...

Very merry and bright Kathy.
I try to use just a few stamps etc. but then get sidetracked and end up with all kinds of things.
Sue x

Creative Treasures said...

Love the cards Kathy as Sue said they are merry and bright, really lovely. I make all different ones which take me forever, each year I vow that I will be more organised and yet am I this year!!! No lol


Hazel said...

These certainly are merry and bright. As you know, I make C cards throughout the year - mainly individual designs, but I also make packs of 5 cards all the same - sell a lot for charity and usually send the ones I end up with! x

Jackie said...

These are beautiful as always.
When I'm making my own to send I pick a theme and stick to it although I have quite a wide margin and don't actually make two the same. When I'm making cards to sell then anything goes depending on what I've got in! xx

Traceyr said...

Kathy what happened to the other 3 "bright" words cut out??? hahaha You could have another 3 C word cards done!

I make Christmas cards throughtout the year and go with what inspiration I get during that time but cards for school are on a production line as they are all the same but different colourways. Last year I coloured in 56 Father Christmas'.

Oh and I have made two cards this morning which are on my blog. :)