Monday, July 06, 2009

Party Time

Just finished a commissioned wedding card - well actually I sort of finished it at the weekend but then decided it could do with a bit of "something extra".
The turquoise flower didn't really stand out as well as I'd planned, so I made a new flower template for Mr Robo to cut - I used some PSP preset heart shapes as the basis for the flower then used the paintbrush tool to give them a more random shape. I cut it out using the dark pink paper just big enough to add some background colour to the original Prima flower. I cut a smaller version to add interest to the right side of the message piece too.

I've used MME Bella Bella papers for this, my trusty Fiskars border punch for the lacy edge, little chipboard birdies and hearts are from Bubbly Funk. The large words are Robo cut and the small tag was pc generated.

As a reward to myself for finishing my orders and getting them parcelled up and ready for the post, I allowed myself a little "playtime"
This is one of the cards I made this morning

The cupcake and candles are more of my own templates for the Craft Robo. It's amazing what you can do with a couple of PSP pre-set shapes and then a bit of manipulation with the paintbrush tool!
I've been meaning to use this template to make a card for the June challenge on the Bubbly Funk blog. There's a fabulous Blog Candy prize up for grabs, and although the July challenge is now up and running I'm not too late getting my card into the draw because the prize covers both June and July's challenges. phew!
Just as well though, as the July one really has me stumped!

I'm sorry, but I must just have a moan at this point!
Is it just me who finds Rub-ons should be re-named Rub-bish?
I really should stop buying them, but I keep thinking the next set will be better. I've found very few makes that I can actually get on with and its just so disappointing when you've put time and effort into making something which is then messed up by rub-ons that don't work properly. It's not just the cheaper ones that are failures either. I used Scenic Route ones on this card and still got into a pickle. Mind you, at least these letters were big enough to hide the manky bits with some good old Stickles - which I think ended up looking better than the plain black letters would have done anyway. nah nah ne nah nah

Maybe we should all boycott Rub-ons until the manufacturers get their testing done properly - I'm sick of bits going missing, and other bits ending up on parts of the cards they weren't of some others! One Maya Road sheet I have - and I do like these ones, they work really well - but the sheet has 11 letter "i" and only 2 letter "y"s. That means I can write just ONE "Happy Birthday" message from this sheet.

They should be a fab, easy and quick way to make your messages, but usually you have to somehow disguise the bits that went wrong, so everything takes longer in the end! grrrr

I will now get off my soapbox, and I'm sure you'll be pleased to hear that!

Papers are the gorgeous MME Breaking Free collection and yes, I know I'm in a bit of an MME rut, but why not when they are as fab as this? lol lol
Right, back to work
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Kaz said...

Lovely cards again Kathy, those chippie birds are gorgeous.

I like Maya Rd rub-ons, most others I've tried are pretty naff though. I buy a lot of happy birthday message ones by pebbles inc which you might like to have a look at. I use them lots when I can't be bothered to get the stamps out! Pure laziness on my part.

Angelnorth said...

Fab cards Kathy! Although I've resisted the cupcake craze yours looks great!

I have a solution to your rub on problem - buy a few decent sentiment stamps, hinny :o)

Karen said...

hahahahaha nice one Joanne!!!!

I know what you mean about rub ons Kathy...very hit & miss :(

I love both your cards XXX

Kathy said...

yes - but I think you may have seen my stamping, Joanne!

Karen said...

Gorjus cards and congrats on the guest DT spot. It's well deserved.

Love Karen x

Anonymous said...

wonderful cards Kathy - I do know what you mean about rub-ons but I tend to stick to Basic Grey and 7 gypsies....touch wood,Ive never had any troubles with these.

Janice said...

Great cards as usual Kathy. I too have had some problems with rub-ons, some makes work okay but others don't. I usually try them out first. I never get enough of the letters I want either, not just on rub ons but on stickers too, don't know what words they expect us to use!!!

Jo said...

You are sooooo clever with Mr Robo! Gorgeous cards :) I thinks some rub ons are better than others, there are loads of hints and tips around such as putting them in the freezer (!) before use but they should work straight from the packet! Melissa Frances sentiments are good *enabling alert* from the Craft(z) Boutique or Doodlebug ones seem okay too :)

j x

Anonymous said...

They're absolutely gorgeous kathy - you're just great with Mr Robo! :)

I know what you mean with rub-ons. I try not to buy them now because when I've used part of a sheet, no matter how carefully store them, when I take the sheet out again - bits have come off and they're wasted!!! Rant over! :)


Traceyr said...

Lovely cupcake card Kathy. :)

Ruth said...

I bought loads of rub-ons only to discover they didn't work...until I discovered Basic Grey and figured out that the expensive ones are of a better quality and thats why they work!
Tip: Don't rub them off, cut around them and use them as an acetate overlay just glue with a tiny winy touch of glue or cover with a flower in a strategic place!!
PS: well done on the wedding card it's a great commissioned piece and good luck for the challnege...I know what you mean about Julys...kinda tricky!!