Friday, February 13, 2009

Winter Sunshine

We've just arrived home after a couple of weeks in Cuba.
Can't quite believe, as I'm looking out on a snowy garden today, that only a few days ago I was enjoying this:We've not had a "proper" holiday since early May 2007 so we reckoned that we deserved some sunshine - plus Hubby has long been wanting to visit Havana - just because it's "different" from everywhere else.

Anyway, off to Cuba we went, first for a couple of nights in Havana, then to one of the little resort islands then back to Havana for a few more days before coming home.
We came home to freezing cold weather which wasn't a nice thing at all - but at least we'd been warned by the lovely Cuban lady who was the local agent for the company who arranged our trip - it would have been quite a shock otherwise!
I'll pop some Havana pics on here another time, but here are a few from Cayo Largo. We stayed at the Sol Melia Cayo Largo, where the rooms are in small colour-washed blocks arranged around the gardens, pools and near the beach. We had a fab sea-view room also overlooking one of the boardwalks that lead over the rocks and shrubby areas past palm trees to the fabulous beach.
There's nothing much on Cayo Largo except a few hotels and the little village/marina that services them. It's just a very pretty place to rest and relax, gorgeous beaches, lots of peace and quiet, long, long beaches to walk along - and a few local inhabitants - mainly birds and you'll meet some iguanas if you're lucky

(photos are click-on-able if you want a bigger version!)
One of the boardwalks that lead to the beach:
- that's our room in the top left corner of this building:
Our room was like an oversized beach hut!
A hammock in the sun
Around the gardens and pool areas

View from the Beach Restaurant:
One of the locals:
At the turtle nursery
I'm well and truly jet-lagged now, but there's one good thing about the chilly weather - I won't be needing to get all those summery clothes ironed in a hurry will I?

Can't resist adding another of that lovely lovely beach.....


Suzie said...

OMG Kathy, this truly looks like paradise! That hotel room is utterly gorgeous and the beach ... well ... you are mean to show us these photos when its so cold!! Look like you had a lovely time :) :)

leigh11 said...


Yep--loving the 'locals' lol


TG said...

Kathy you lucky duck, it looks absolutely gorgeous. I'm not jealous,really i'm not. LOL
T xx

Beth said...

Kathy, your photos look great and the place looks absolutely lovely. Those turtles look tiny too. Glad you had a lovely break, despite the jet lag of coming back. XX

Angelnorth said...

Looks lovely, nice hammock! Did you adopt the turtle?

Rosie (Freycob) said...

Welcome home to snowy England chickadee! Looks like paradise on Earth if you ask me. Glad you had a fab time. xx

Bex said...

Looks like total heaven Kathy :)
Glad you had a lovely holiday
Love Bex

lisa said...

How beautiful. Glad you had a lovely time.
lis x

Beckie Dreyer said...

Wow looks like you had a ball! Lucky you!

Karen said...

Oh Kathy...that looks wonderful! X

Jackie said...

It looks fab Kathy....I could just cope with some of that at the mo :)

Karen said...

No no no no NO!! That just isn't fair! My chin is now all wet as I sat there drooling over those pictures! Jealous? YES! I haven't had a holiday since 2004! LOL

Glad you had a good time but for goodness sake Kathy!!


Traceyr said...

Love the photo of you and the turtle Kathy. Glad you had a lovely time sorry that you had to come home to the freezing cold weather here.

Traceyr :)

Hazel said...

It looks so blissful x

Juliet said...

Wow, it looks amazing Kathy. Glad you had a fab time - now back to it!!
Juliet xx

Kate said...

Wow, fab pictures, welcome home.

Di said...

Oh wow, just a gorgeous place Kathy, you lucky thing. Thanks for sharing such wonderful piccies. xx

CraftyCarol said...

Wow looks absolutely fantastic x

Kaz said...

Wow that looks like Heaven to me Kathy. I'm glad you had a lovely holiday xx

Kristen Hermanny said...

Lucky! We have been planning a warm get away, but by the time we figure out what we want to do, it will probably be summer time. This looks wonderful! I am sure it was a very rewarding vacation.


Susan (Sue H) said...

Beautiful photos Kathy, it looks like you had a wonderful time.

I'm off in my hols. this weekend and can't wait for some sunshine!

Gez said...


mmm especially the last one. :D

You see photo's like these in magazines never really thinking the places can be THAT nice but you've shown us they ARE!!

Thanks for sharing your wonderful photos.

Gez. xx

carolinejane said...

Fab photos Kathy! A bit of sun would be very welcome right now....x