Thursday, February 19, 2009

Finished My "Flip-It"

Thursday is my day to load one of my Bubbly Funk Kit projects on to the Bubbly Scrumptious emag. I've been working with the February Kit, a lovely soft and pretty set of goodies which goes under the title "Love What You Do". Subscribers have been receiving their kits this week, it's now sold out, so if you didn't get in quick enough, well better luck next time!
(ps. I've got my March kit and it's a fun and fab one so watch out for the pre-order release date)
Last week I left instructions on how to make this little folding book which I've called a "Flip-It!
This is how it looked before we left for our Cuban trip:

Our Cuban holiday started with a couple of nights in the capital city, Havana, then we flew from a tiny local airport (an interesting experience in itself....) to Cayo Largo, a quiet, resort island to the south of the main island where we stayed for 8 nights, before flying back to Havana for a further 4 nights.

Well, if you've seen the photos I've been posting since we got home, you'll already know that those two locations couldn’t be more different!

I very quickly realised that squeezing it all into one book was not going to happen! I decided to concentrate on using photos taken during the days spent in Havana, but even that seemed a huge task – the city is so full of contradictions and variety.

It was while I was writing about the trip on my blog and trying to come up with the right words to describe the place that gave me the idea to use simple words and phrases as a starting point for completing my book.

I wanted the pages to be quick and easy to fill up, a bit like a notebook or journal. So I've used photos, rub-ons and a bit of handwritten journalling - and yes, I know my writing is dreadful, but my excuse (and I'm sticking to it ;)) is that scrappy writing is right for a notebook effect look!

The (almost) finished book looks like this

I say almost finished because as I was loading the page photos onto Bubbly Scrumptious I realised that there were a few gaps that needed filling or bits that needed tweaking. I often find that taking photos of projects and looking at them on screen shows up things that need changing or adding to.
Anyway, there are photos of all the pages on Bubbly Scrumptious so please pop over and have a look - and make sure you've got a coffee at your elbow because once you start browsing in there you'll be finding soooooo much to entertain and inspire!


Di said...

Such a fab mini book Kathy, I love how you've done this xx

Suzie said...

Really fab little book Kathy! xx

Karen said...

I love the way you have filled this fabulous little book Kathy. Oh and your writing isn't as bad as mine hon hehehe X

Angelnorth said...

Love your words and phrases approach - this looks fantabulous!

Lythan said...

this is just wonderful Kathy. And there is nothing wrong with your handwriting!

Janice said...

Can't wait to see it full of photos!

Hazel said...

What can I say, but 'gorgeous, as ever'. x