Sunday, September 14, 2008

Circle Journal Comes Home

After flying back and forth across the Irish channel a few times, my "Funky Flowers" circle journal arrived home to stay.

Huge thanks to Angie, Isobel, Hazel and Nicky for making this teeny weeny book a real joy to look at. You're all wonderful - and I really enjoyed making my pages for your little books too.

Angie's pages
Isobel's pages
Hazel's pagesNicky's pages
My pages
The book standing upThanks again girls - this was such a fun CJ to be part of


Sarah said...

What a wonderful Journal Kathy! It is so bright and cheerful and just so gorgeous! xx

Lythan said...

that is one of the most bee-yoo-tiful cj's I have ever seen! YOu are all so talented

EllePiggo said...

WOW - its gorgeous Kathy! :)


Karen said...

Awe what a lovely little the handles! X

Kaz said...

Wow those are all gorgeous Kathy.

Jozza said...

That is absolutely stunning!

I'm not kidding - I am drooling! lol

esther said...

a great theme to do your book on, stunning work from all involved, forgotten how exciting these sort of projects can be! I should start one aain.... (some day....)

carolann said...

Wow stunning work hun WTG xxxx