Friday, August 22, 2008


Over at the Daring Cardmakers we like to challenge fellow cardmakers with interesting dares - but we also like to have fun by sharing some of our ideas and maybe giving some hints and tips in the form of our new look Midweek Little Extras. This Tuesday we had the fabulously talented Mel Goodsell sharing some of her ideas and tips for making quick and clever birthday cards. The new style LEs have only been going for a couple of weeks or so, but already there's quite a library of ideas and "how to's" beginning to build up. Definitely worth checking out if you've not already been following them.

Today, though is our normal main dare day and here's what we've been up to this time:
OK, this week it's Tanya's turn to set the dare and this time it's a dare with a POINT! A nice sharp point, at that!
This Way!
I want to see arrows on your cards - whether big, small, staright, curly, lots or just one arrow
Have fun and please come back and point us in the right direction for your creations just as soon as you're ready to share.

I've not managed to get to grips with this whole arrows thing - I'm not sure I see the point (hahaha) of them, which is probably why I found this dare such a struggle. I spent all yesterday morning making my card then realised it really was a load of bosh. This having to make another card because the first was rubbish is getting to be a habit - one I need to break as I don't have the time for all this faffing about. I'll show you the bosh one in a minute.
I was happier with the 2nd attempt;
I dug out some 3 Bugs in a Rug papers I've not used for ages, I'd forgotten how much I love these colours. The paper with the flowers in circles on it has lots of blue dotted circles as well as the "stripey" ones with flowers in them, so I decided to use that idea over the edges of the paper and on to the card itself.
As is often the way, I didn't have the right colour brads or buttons to embellish the flower, so I covered some cereal packet chippie with a scrap of paper and used a circle from one of the Cuttlebug dies topped with a blob of Glossy Accents to make faux big brads. I'm not totally happy with the way I've done the greeting, but my brain was hurting by the time I needed to fill that space..........
Lots of fantastic ideas for using arrows over on the DCM blog - the others all have much more inventive ways to use them than me, that's for sure, so please check them out over on our blog

So now I'll give you a laugh - I don't really mind sharing the bosh ones occasionally - with a bit of luck someone will even come up with an idea to save them from the bin!
It took flippin' ages to do the doodled edges and I like the "You are a...." with the big star going off the edges of the card. I think it's the arrow that really made this one look a mess but I'm not sure I can get it off and what I'd do in the space if I managed. Ideas and suggestions welcome - iit took sooooo long to do that B&W edge I'd feel really cheesed off if it had to go binwards.

I do have at least one more Bubbly Funk July kit project to show but I'll save that for the weekend and instead show one of the commissioned kids' cards I've just been doing. I really really don't like doing kid's cards abd I've had four of the little blighters to do! Here's the first of them:
Cuttlebug Swiss Dots embossing folder and Cuttlekids aeroplane diecuts.
Scallops cut with the Craft Robo
All card from PDA
Brads and Ribbon from stash


Kaz said...

Well I like all of them Kathy! Lovely bright and funky.

carolann said...

Brilliant cards well done I love the colours and apaper you have used xxx

Angelnorth said...

Love your bright and funky second attempt, Kathy! Hmm, rescuing the 'bosh' one - my only thought is that a more solid colour might have made the arrow work better since the wiggly shape is probably interesting enough - can you ink it or paint it in situ without getting the colour on the rest of the card?

I love your kids cards but I know what you mean about making them!

Karen said...

I love the DCM card Kathy! The 'boshed' one is lovely too tho, as Joanne said, I would make the arrow stand out a bit more, use more black on it.

Taht kids card is sooo cute! X

Janice said...

Great cards as usual Kathy. Love the aeroplane card. The boshed card needs more colour and more contrast, the colors are too close to each other. Big coloured star and coloured arrowy thing.

Anonymous said...

Kathy your cards are fabulous. And i like your bosh one too! :)


Sue said...

FAB card I am loving those papers so funky

Beth said...

I like them both Kathy love, nice to see the two styles. XX

mamaluke said...

FAB cards, love the colours!

CraftyCarol said...

Fab and funky cards I like them both! x

Jackie said...

He he, I'm back :(

Fab cards as usual :)

Cuchy said...

Hi Kath. I love your cards. Both of them. In your first try, may I suggest, I would add colour to the arrow too, but also, change its "s" shape, upwards from the botton of the A, in a U shape. What a sentence... it's a mess. Hope you understand me ;) thanks for your comment on my blog. M.Carmen