Sunday, February 17, 2008

Harry Myllis and other stuff

Another sunny day - starting to get used to this, but keep reminding myself that it is still February - the month I dislike the most because it has a habit of turning nasty. Hubby's birthday is in February so he's always had something to look forward to and he doesn't understood my aversion to it. Still, most days this Feb have been bright and sunny and it's easy to get lulled into thinking that Spring is already here.
This is a photo taken last Sunday afternoon when we went out for a walk - check out those blue skies!

We always have at least one amaryllis for Christmas, it's a sort of tradition. This year we have two. My Aunt and Uncle gave us an enormous amaryllis bulb and it's been the first to flower. At the moment I think there are 9 flowers on it, but there's still another stem which is still growing, so we should get a few more flowers yet. I think we once had a harry myllis with 12 flowers, not sure we'll ever beat that.

Auction News

We have about 30 items already for the Bubbly Funk fundraising auction, there are handmade items on offer plus lots of spare stash up for grabs - if you haven't a clue what I'm talking about check the message below this one for enlightenment. More into to follow on where you can see the goodies and how you can get your hands on them.

My maze book has moved on a bit from the photos I showed yesterday, but I haven't taken any new ones yet - I will do soon though and be back to show how it's coming along.

Apparently some "delightful" people have been stealing the images of people's cards from their blogs, putting them on a CD and then selling them as inspiration cds. Taking other people's work and using them that way is just plain sneaky and wrong - so now it seems only sensible to plonk great big copyright notices on any photos we use to make it just a little less convenient for these thieving so-and-so's. So I'm sorry if this makes the pictures less pretty to look at, but just putting a notice in the corner doesn't really help as they can easily be paintshopped over - you've got to make it more awkward for them than that.

The wonderfully talented Leigh threw out a little challenge a couple of weeks back on the JB forum. You know those little cuttlebug embossing folders? Not the big ones we all love but the diddy little ones. She challenged us to actually use them - seems I'm not the only person who's bought a set then not had a clue what to do with them.
I made this

I painted the little flowers on the embossed bit, the other flowers are all Cuttlebug die cut flowers. One of those cards you see in your mind's eye and then wished you hadn't started. It took flippin' ages!
I picked up a bargain pack of Crate's Twirl papers afew weeks back - they were only &4.75 or something like that - I got the Hampton set for the same price too but haven;'t even had the time to even open those. I do like the Twirl papers though - I just wish there were another couple of designs in these packs - they are so lovely, and would be even more perfect with MORE in 'em.
I'm really pleased with this next one - it's that wonderful BG Two Scoops paper again. I think I'm going to have to buy some more.... - especially as I'm using it to make that maze book too.

Cuttlebug flower/pot die and also a slightly "altered" version of one of the corners in the "Vintage" set

Thanks for looking - please leave a message, it's nice to know I'm not just talking to myself!


Bex said...

Gorgeous cards Kathy
Love the 2Scoops - I am about to cut into mine :)

Love Bex (Off to get Maisie some shades!)

Janice said...

These are all lovely Kathy. Pity about those thieves out there, stealing peoples hard work. Hope you get more mega blooms on you Amaryllis.
Janice x

LAZY-TROUT said...

WOW Kathy - the cards are gor-ge-ous. The paper is so scrummy, I have to get through the stuff I have at the moment before I can buy any more. And you arent talking to yourself ;o) I'm here!!!

Janice said...

I am happy for anyone to use the little digiscrap thing for Ellie. Pinch away!


Angelnorth said...

Nowt wrong with talking to yourself - I do it all the time! Lovely cards again Kathy and Harry looks very cheery.

Honestly some people are so lazy - if they need to steal ideas then can't they at least put in some time to blog hop themselves?! Looks like it's time to beef up the watermarking then :(

Jules {Creative Makes} said...

Wow, stunning work as usual :-)

Jan said...

Loving ur cards Kathy. I love the BG 2scoops too. The only thing is i love it so much i'm afraid to cut into it LOL. Love ur warm wishes card over on DCM this week too.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful cards and fab photos too. :) I love the amarylis I haven't had one for a few years - must make a mental not to get bulbs next autumn.

I can't believe some people!!!!! Honestly.


CraftyC said...

Wonderful cards and great papers!

Glitter Monkey said...

Thank you so much for sharing your lovely photos and creations Kathy. I haven't been around recently but I hope I am back now. Thanks for visiting me! Lol Lynn x

Ana Baird said...

Lovely pictures and fabulous cards!

Lavender Rose said...

Love all 3 cards, amazing colours and the first one may have taken ages but the result is very pretty!

Denise said...

Beautiful cards, I love BG Two Scoops - and nope you're not talking to yourself !