Monday, December 05, 2016

Pepperoni Pizza

We have another frost morning here and even though its bright and sunny the frost isn't really thawing.  These sort of days are so pretty, aren't they? We were in need of a change of scene yesterday (and a break from writing cards and wrapping presents) so decided to head out for a coffee to one of the garden centres a few miles away.  We took a circuitous route along country roads and through some of the pretty villages and even stopped to take a few photos as everywhere was looking lovely and Autumnal.  
Mind you, while we were expecting the garden centre to be busy (it always is - even when its not Christmas) we weren't ready for them to need an overflow car park and parking attendants on duty to direct you to where the spaces were.  Never seen that before!

As you can see I'm not sharing anything Christmas-related today.  Instead I have the card I made for my cousin.  His birthday was at the start of November but it was a bit chaotic back then and I forgot to blog it.  This is my birthday-averse cousin, who's favourite way to spend his birthday is to take the whole week off work,  do as little as possible, see as few people as possible and avoid all mention of the B word if he can.  Obviously he doesn't entirely get away with it as we still send card and give presents whether he likes it or not!
He's quite partial to a pizza, so when all other inspiration fails.....
Base card cut from a folded piece of black card, using a large circle die (Xcut), and positioning the die to leave about 7cms for the hinge. 
Then a second (full) circle is cut and glued over the front of the folded card so that on the front there's a full circular "plate"
To make the pizza I found a suitable image and resized to fit, printed it out onto card and cut it out.  I used the Clone Brush tool on Paint Shop Pro to copy a few extra pieces of 'pepperoni' and another full size copy of the pizza picture and printed those out too
I cut the original pizza picture into slices and arranged them on the 'plate' and made a little support thingummy (like you get in a takeaway) from white card.

I used the extra print-outs to cut extra pepperoni slices from and glued them over the first copy - some are stuck directly to the base, some are raised on bits of cereal packet chipboard.  To make my pizza look as realistic as possible I added a coat of Glossy Accents to some of the slices.
As it's a circular card, I needed to check that it was weighted properly so that it would actually stand up.  To do this you need to keep checking, and adding extra bits of pepperoni as necessary!

Actually, I could just eat a slice of pizza right now.... Well it is lunch time......hmmm .... if only I had something more interesting than toast to look forward to.

Oh well!

That's it for this time, thank you so much for popping by - I hope you'll leave a comment before you go.

See you soon


Shabneez said...

Great idea for a card Kathy. I admit to thinking it was a real pizza before reading your blog post......Shabneez xxx

Karen Gist said...

:D Your pizza cards just get better and better! x

Jackie Trinder said...

Hi Kathy this is an amazing card. I bet your cousin loved it. Take care. Hugs Jackie

Laine said...

So different and full of fun Kathy. A card to be treasured.

Katie Lamb said...

Fab card. I thought we was all going to get some pizza for a minute

Andree said...

A fabulously fun card Kathy and a brilliant idea. The realistic pizza looks delicious xx

Cathy Clowes said...

Such a fabulous card- I really thought it was a real pizza too. Cathy x

Angelnorth said...

Brilliantly realistic-looking pizza cad Kathy, just the job for a birthday denier!

Linda Simpson said...

What a fabulous idea and I bet he loved it too.
Linda xxx