Thursday, February 18, 2016

Pillow Box and Rose

By now you may heard the sad news that after more than 10 years of selling crafty goodies, Bubbly Funk is closing.  Caroline has taken the decision because she has so many things going on in her life just now - not least of which is the exciting prospect of her wedding to prepare for.  So it really is a mix of sad and happy!
So right now, you can get 50% off your order from Bubbly Funk if you enter the code you’ll see on the shop’s home page.

This is the little project I've shared on the Bubbly Funk blog this week, it's a pillow box, for which I've used various paints, a stencil and a DoCrafts die
17th_ box 1


I started by giving a sheet of white A4 card an all over coat of Silver Starlight paint using a foam brush to smoosh it around.  Next I taped the  Prima Thread Background on top and used a few different stencil paints in shades like Rose (which is more of a mulberry colour), and a blue (a sort of bluebell colour).  I've not collected many of these yet, so basically, they were the ones I had available!
With the stencil still in place I used a brush and more of the Silver Starlights paint to flick some dots and drip some blobs onto the card.

 I filled in the white space that the stencil hadn't covered with some of the same reddy-bluey-mauvey paint just in case it might be handy later when I came to make something.

Once it was dry, I looked around for something to do and realised it was big enough to make one of these little pillow boxes using a DoCrafts die.  It's quite small, you can fit it along the short side of a sheet of A4. 
 It would make me very happy if they would make this die in a larger size  :)

I used that strip of spare, coloured card to make the rose for embellishing the finished box.  As the "wrong" side of the strip was still white I just swooshed some ink in a toning colour over to conceal the white.  I cut the petals I needed with a punch and dipped the ends in silver glitter paste before forming them into the rose,  The green leaves add the contrasting colour needed to really lift the finished box

This is the Stencil I used: Thread Background (Prima)
prima Threads
Happy Crafting


sandra carey said...

Beautiful love the effect on it Hugs Sandra xx

Cathy Clowes said...

Fabulous Kathy. Love the colour and the thread effect. Cathyx

Holley (Tondre) Barnhart said...

wow, love the texture on it and the rose is gorgeous

Jackie Trinder said...

Hi Cathy this is a gorgeous pillow box I love the flower. Hugs Jackie

Lea Brawn said...

Gorgeous creations. So pretty x