Tuesday, December 09, 2014

Sketch File Snowflake panel

I rather liked the effect from using all those tiny snowflakes on my Daring card last Friday, so I thought I'd try using them in another way and incorporate them into a card using the December sketch from The Sketch File Blog  

To keep the snowflakes and stars in the confines of the rectangular panel I washi-taped a rectangular frame die in place then just filled the "hole" with the tiny die cuts.  it's not as fiddly as you'd think - I put a blob of glue on the lid of my glue pot, then use a mini spatula which is just a piece of card (a few cms long)  with one end trimmed to a bit of a point.  Dip the point into the glue, use it to pick up and set the small item in place and repeat till the space is filled.  You don't need to cover the whole of the die cut with glue, just a tiny spot will keep it in place.
When you can't fit any more snowflakes in, use tiny stars, circles, gems, tiny blobs of glitter glue or whatever else you have at hand to fill any gaps. 

Remove the tape and the frame die and finish the card however you fancy. 

 This the sketch:
The Sketch File Blog 

I cut a few larger snowflakes and layered them up to make my card.  On a bit of a roll, and with more snowflakes ans stars still to use I made these too

Now, I reckon this would look fab using other shapes - I'm thinking a nice big star, but whether I'll get round to giving that a go is another thing!

Hope you like these, anyway.  Thanks for visiting


tracy said...

beautiful,love them :)

Kaz said...

These are gorgeous Kathy xxx

Angelnorth said...

Really pretty effect Kathy, they look great!