Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Chalks Away revisited

I've really been a bad blogge recently and it seems I've managed to accumulate a few crafty things that I've not got round to uploading on here.  I've also been really bad at getting around to my blogmates to see what they've been up to - so I apologise for that and will try to do better.....

Anyway, first up on my "catching up" list is the second card I made a few weeks back for Nat's   "Chalkboard" themed challenge over on the Daring Cardmakaers BLOG. 
In the end I went with the flowery number for my example on the blog, so here's the other one I made

 The problem with not keeping up to date with blogging the things I make is that I completely forget what things I used! 
That's my excuse for not being able to say which papers these are....
I think they may be Echo Park and maybe a few pieces of MME in there too
The blackboard and the test were all done in Paint Shop Pro using a free downloadable chalkboard background I found  on the web HERE, and various fonts I already had plus a few new fabulous freebie new ones from DaFont
The birthday cake is made using a Craft Robo template that I made a while back and has proved quite useful! 
The frame for the chalkboard is also a Robo template - I was trying to make it look like one of those  blackboards with wooden frames that you often see in cafes

That's it for this time - I'm off to hunt out more things I missed blogging!  Have a good day


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Kath said...

Great card, Kathy. I love the chalk board and the saying. Very clever.

Angelnorth said...

The chalkboard looks great combined with the bright colours, fab card!

Adele said...

Hmm, yes, deffo more cake needed in life. Great card, love the colours and the sentiment! xxx

Hazel said...

I thought I'd left a comment on this a while ago, but obviously not - I don't know about you being a bad blogger, I've been a bad commenter recently - having a catch up now and glad I came to visit this lovely card x