Friday, August 17, 2012

Caught on Film

 It's been a hectic week in the Waffle Zone.  Hubby had the long-awaited operation on his elbow on Tuesday, so we spent the day at the hospital in Bushey being looked after by the nice people there.  It's hard to know whether it's done the trick until he starts usong it properly, but fingrs crossed it has!
He felt well enough to work on Wednesday, but has been working from home all week - which sort of cramps my crafting as I tend to use a lot of noisy gadgets - not conducive to him talking on the phone!
I do try to be quiet - I'm just not very good at it, hehe!

Over at the Daring Cardmakers, it's Jo's turn this week - and you always know life will be trickier when that's the case hehe!
This week's was no exception - for me, anyway, as it's all about those lines from films which other people remember and quote all the time - but in my case go in one ear and out the other!
Film Quotes
I'd like you to use a line/quotation from the Big Screen as your inspiration and see where that leads your cardmaking.
A great chance for all you Movie-Buffs to use your favourite lines, but If you are in need of some inspiration, this site;
has some fantastic quotes and sayings to inspire!
I did think of some lines - but when it came to using them for a card they were useless!  i thought about Hubby's favourite film "The Italian Job" and that wonderful line "You were only supposed to blow the bloody doors off" - but how would you use that on a card?
Then I remembered making an  "The Italian Job" themed card for him years ago and hunted out the photos to see what I'd done that time.
So, I pinched the quote, and the cars idea from that one, and made something new.
I've been intending to make a Robo template for a mini for ages, but hadn't found a picture to use till now, but this time I was lucky.  Making templates is a nice quiet crafting task - cutting them on Robo is definitely not, so all the pieces had to be cut when he wasn't on the phone!

Materials and Tools
Bazzill card in various colours, 
Pearlescent silver card for road (hand-cut)
White pen, Silver pen
Orange Stickles
Trees are made with a Punch Bunch leaf punch
Craft Robo to cut the cars
Computer generated sentiment

My second card is probably a bit of a cheat really as it's a "word" from a song which is in a film, rather than a line from a film.  Actually, a lovely forum friend (thank you, Karen) gave me a great idea that I'd have loved to have used, but it was a bit too late for me to get it done in time - I might just make that card anyway, so I'll not tell you what it was atm ;)
It took a while to make the sentiment, getting the fonts, sizes and colours right, but now it's done it's been saved so I can use it again. I didn't want to push my luck and use Robo to cut the birthday cake shape I'd planned to use on the rest of the card, so I just hand-cut a bunch of candles to use instead - I think they work pretty well, considering they took about five minutes to do!

Materials and Tools
Bazzill card in various colours,
Ice Stickles (gold)
Computer generated sentiments

Right, that's me done for now.  I completely failed to update the blog as promised last week, didn't I?  Oh well, tomorrow is another day..........
Thanks for dropping by, don't forget to visit the DCM BLOG - we'd love it if you'd join in with us this week
Have a great weekend


Lythan said...

love the bright tones of the second card - and those funky candles especially but the little minis have stolen my heart, they are just tooooo cute!

Sharon (glitterangel) said...

Fantastic cards Kathy. I just adore those minis - my first car was a mini so I've got a real soft spot for them. You've done a great job in cutting them with your Robo.

Angelnorth said...

When I saw your sneak peek on BF I was hoping for the doors quote! Two fab and colourful cards, Mr Robo certainly gets a workout at your house!

Paula Gale said...

wow Kathy - these cards are fabulous. You are so talented. Brilliant Mini cut file - how did you make it? What cutting software do you use? Whatever it is, you are certainly good at getting great results with it.

Hope you're not too stiffled for long in your craft room... not good for the creative flair eh?

Paula x x x

Traceyr said...

Two wonderful cards there Kathy. I'm intrigued to what idea Karen gave you. :)

Jo said...

Love, love, love the minis - they look fantastic - Brilliant candles too - and I think Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious counts as a phrase (almost!) as it's soooooooooo long...