Monday, January 30, 2012

Things are Looking Brighter!

The new set of Crafty Templates are out so today I'm sharing the first of the things I've made using some of this month's templates.
First though a quick catch up on the kitchen progress because today is Big Kitchen Day - all the new cupboards arrived this morning and I can't even get into the kitchen now unless I go round and through the French doors from the patio.  Exciting after all the destruction and then the gradual putting-together-again-ness af the last 3 weeks.  Week 4 is really about making proper headway.  It's all beginning to look so much better now,
Mark the decorator is here working his way around the lovely smooth freshly plastered walls and suddenly the inner hall area is looking so much bigger and brighter.  He'll be painting all the woodwork (apart from the new doors, which will be waxed - eventually!) white which will really make a huge difference to the dark teak stain that was there before.  The new arch way looks fab.
I mentioned on Friday that the lights were going up in the kitchen - well that's all done now (the problem with the brackets turned out not to be a problem after all!)  So I thought I'd add a photo here today. I've updated my Pinterest board with more photos too.
As always there's a cut mix of images among the Crafty Templates set this month - some fab animal shapes which will be great for little kids' cards and also for fun cards for adults - especially if you're clever with fun phrases/sentiments.
I loved this tiger one and it'll be great for the birthday of one of the youngest of the family members next month.

I used various scraps of card and paper to make the background, then yellow and brown card for the tiger himself.  I used some wire wound round the barrel of a thickish felt pen to make a spring to put behind the tiger's head so it wobbles about in a fun way.
You can find out all about Crafty Templates and Crafty Goodies kits HERE
Please do go and check out what Leo has on offer - the various template sets and goodies kits are a fabulous way to build up a stock of images and quirky stuff you won't find anywhere else.

Right off to make the next round of drinks for the "workforce" hehe
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