Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Roses, Roses

Just a quick call in from me today as I wanted to share something I made yesterday.  I should have been making something else, but I suddenly took it into my head to do this instead!
Everything about this is dead easy and took about an hour to make - except the twirly bits I made at the end which nearly sent me demented!
I used:
21cm square of black card to make the rose "bowl", and a little card tube to fit in the centre to keep the stems together
I decorated the four faces of the bowl with cream Lokta paper and a hand cut heart cut from burgundy Lokta paper 
The coiled roses are made with the same papers and attached to wire for the stems
Long strips of the scrap Lokta were used for the twirly bits, they are also attached to wire.

Once I'd found the surface of my desk I enjoyed making this.  I hope you like it.
Thanks for visiting


Hazel said...

Gorgeous creation, Kathy - it's good sometimes to make something 'just because' - those roses are stunning. I recognise the 'bowl' template x

Julia Dunnit said...

I LOVE it! And crafting for no other reason is a very good thing, it's nice to just go where the fancy takes instead of having parameters!

Karen said...

These are gorgeous Kathy...its lovely that you can do that kind of crafting with all that upheaval xxx

Lynda said...

Awwwww what a pretty bouquet!

Love Lynda xxx

Angelnorth said...

Lovely little project Kathy, the twirly bits look lovely even if they did send you doolally!

Gez said...

Amazing creation Kathy & lovely to hear you had fun making it.. all the more special. :) Hope you had a lovely day yesterday..xx

Traceyr said...

wow Kathy that is fantastic. It only took you an hour? Blimey you are speedy ...... it would take me days. hahaha


Jules said...

These are gorgeous Kathy .. .. a really lovely project.

Hope the revamp is going well.

Love Jules xx

Di said...

Oh this is fab Kathy and so quick too...clever you x

Janice said...

I wondered if that was one of the 'bowls' that Hazel showed us in one of our virtual mini crops. Looks cool in black and red. Best looking procrastination job I've seen for a while ;p

Sylvie :) said...

Hi Kathy ! thanks so much for your visit lately ! :)
I really love what you did here ! very beautiful.