Monday, January 31, 2011

Did you See it?

The Funky Hand show on Create and Craft yesterday, that is?
We recorded it (twice - once on the Humax and once on the dvd so that I could keep a copy on disc hehe).  The new "Craft the Year Away" (I'll call it CYA from here on....) CD is absolutely fabulous, I really love the way it works - and watching the show yesterday I learned that the new functionality built into CYA will also work for the other Papercraft Factory series - duh!  I hadn't even thought of that!  
Anyway, well done Anice, it was a great show and that display of DT samples looked sooo pretty!
I know it's sad, but you just can't help but get a thrill when you see the things you've made appearing on the screen, and as my new wordbook got a good airing yesterday I thought I'd add some pictures here today
. These papers are from the "November Rain" set on the CYA CD and they are soooo pretty.  You can now buy ribbons and buttons that match all the collections on this CD perfectly too, and I've used those on some of the pages in this book.
I made a little photo-montage of the pages rather than add them all individually, I hope you can see them ok
As well as the Funky Hand button and ribbon stash I've used several of the digi images from the new CD; the trees, bird and hearts.  All of the papers are from the collection, and of course the wordbooks themselves are all ready just to choose your own papers, letters/numbers and colour combinations and print out.
I printed all the letter pages out on card, then put the card back into the printer and printed more designs on the reverse of each sheet before cutting the pages out.
If you were eagle-eyes, you might have seen this little box too
The top and bottom pieces are cut with one of the Nesties Labels dies and I made a simple box to fit between.  The ribbon is one from the Funky Hand Stash matching ribbon sets (November Rain).

If you missed Sunday's show or want seconds (and thirds for that matter), Anice is back on Create & Craft screen TWICE on Friday 4th Feb with 2 different shows (the second is not just a repeat of the first).  You can watch the shows via the pc as well as on TV.  I'll check the info and add links etc later in the week.
Anyway, the new CD and all the stash is available now from the Funky Hand website
I have got more crafts to share, so hopefully I'll be a better blogger this week.  
Thanks for visiting today, please call by again soon.


Kaz said...

Kathy they are just gorgeous and there is no way it's sad to see your work on tv. Be proud xxx

Hazel said...

Oh dear, I missed this - shame, because I would have loved to have seen your fab work on display on there. You should be very proud - your creations are stunning x

Angelnorth said...

Fab projects - really pretty colours and lots of lovely detail as usual. I might think it was sad if you said you'd made copies of the DVD to send out with all your Christmas cards but I don't think it's sad to be excited about screen time for your stuff!

Karen said... MUST be a real boost to see your work on TV. Well done my lovely and such pretty things too :-D xxx

Janice said...

Lovely job there Kathy. I missed it I'm afraid.

Gez said...

Stunning artwork Kathy..will definately keep my eyes open for later on in the week.. think I switched on tonight about a minute to 6 & missed a repeat. :(