Thursday, September 23, 2010

Silhouettes revisited

A while back on the Daring Cardmakers Rein set us a challenge to use silhouettes on our cards.  I ended up making a wedding card - not because I needed one but because I liked an image I'd found!

Anyway, a few days ago I had a request from a customer for a wedding card; 
Aha! I thought, I have one ready to go!  
I sent off the photo, and said if this one was ok I'd add the wedding details and send it straight off.  Well, she was happy to take it off my hands so I went to get an envelope for it so I could bag it up ready to send off.  
That's where I hit a snag - for some unknown reason I'd made a card just slightly too big for any of the envelopes I had in stock..... BAH, rude words, stamps foot!
So I ended up taking the card apart and doing a bit of trimming and what-have-you so that I could put it back together using a slightly smaller size square. 
 Obviously I couldn't just send it without adding a few more details so here are both versions so you can play "spot the difference"!
New version:
Original version:
I suppose it serves me right for being smug enough to think I could save myself some time because I had a card ready-to-go!  How come it never works for me? :-(
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Ania - nutka1911 said...

Kathy it is amazing...
Hugs :*

Wipso said...

Thats really special. Clever you for being able to rescue it :-)
A x

Smita said...

Stunning!! I liked both the versions, by the way. :-) And I always love silhouettes on Easel card :-)

Karen said...

Now I loved the original but the new version is truly amazing!!! Well done XXX

Angelnorth said...

The tweaking looks fab Kathy, great stuff!