Monday, July 26, 2010

A Jaunt and some Sweet Treats

We went to one of the "Newmarket Summer Nights" race meets on Friday, I think they happen once a month during the summer and the racing is followed by a band/artiste in concert.  Hubby's work kindly paid for the tickets - they went last year too, but the after-racing concert wasn't so much to our liking - I think it was one of those pretty-boy singing groups that like to call themselves "a band".  Surely a group of singers is called a choir, and they should be called a Boy Choir, rather than Boy Band.........ooooh! controversial!

Anyhooo, Friday saw Razorlight on stage after the racing and they were fab.  Whilst I love some of their stuff, their CDs aren't the ones I reach for first iykwim - anyway, I really really enjoyed them on stage and we even managed to find a spot in the crowd where even I (from my lowly 5'2" could see the stage most of the time!
The whole event was great fun even though we didn't do very well on the betting front - probably not helped by this being the first time hubby has been racing and only the 2nd time for me.  Still, it was fun and we didn't lose our shirts!

The "escape" from the race course was pretty well organised too - it makes such a difference to get out of venues easily and be on your way home without too much hassle, I must admit being crushed to bits in the mass exit from a venue, and again on the tube puts me off going to more of the London concerts - plus there's always the mad dash across London to make the last train.  
Years ago I went to a big day/evening concert at Woburn Abbey and it took THREE HOURS just to get out of the carpark and on to the actual road!

Getting back to the crafting lark - my little Sweet Treats recipe book is gradually getting there - I've almost finished the cover but am at the bit where glitter glue and Glossy Accents need time to dry so I can't share that yet.  So here are the recipe tags I've done so far
I wasn't happy with the first couple I did so have changed my mind and made them in a different way - so these will look different from the ones that were tucked into the pockets on a previous post about them.
I've laminated each piece, leaving a wider piece at the top of the laminated bit - then cut the corners off to make the tag shape and allow space to tie the bits together - you can best see what I mean if you look at the Lemon Curd Butterfly Cakes tag (top left of photo).  Only 4 more to make to fill up the pockets!

A Little piece of news.....

Anice is looking for new Design Teamies for Funky Hand.

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Loads to do this week so I should be getting on with some of it!
Catch up with everyone asap 
Thanks for popping by


Paper & Ribbons said...

Oh Kathy these look good enough to eat, so pretty!

Kaz said...

Glad you had a good time the other day.
Fab recipe cards, but don't poke that gooey stuff!! xx

lisa said...

Sounds like you had a great time, Kathy. I love open air concerts but don't get to go much nowadays, they are always soooooo expensive!!!
I love your recipe cards. Aren't cupcakes just scummy. I saw some glittery ones at the weekend, they looked just too pretty to eat.
Thank you for your lovely comments. I never knew you were a teacher-all these secrets coming out!!
Hope you had a good Monday.
Hugs Lisax

Angelnorth said...

Glad you had fun on your night out! The sweet treats recipe tags are looking fab, really scrummy!

Janice said...

Looks like you had a great time. It's always good when a band you think are just ok turn out to be great live. I think you enjoy it more than if you are anticipating a band you really like.

Love the sweet treats, but then I would!

Jules said...

Hi Kathy

Sounds like a fab outing .. .. shame you didn't make your fortune LOL!!!

Loving your recipe tags and can't wait to see the finished book.

Love Jules xx

Kate said...

The races look great and the mini book is coming on a treat - excuse the pun!

** Kate **

Traceyr said...

Two nights out for the price of one that was good Kathy. Razorlight couldn't be described as a "boy band" though surely more rocky than that? I mean you wouldn't call the Killers a boy band would you? hahaha

Love the recipe cards. Jammy Buns yum yum! Sorry still had my mind on Brandon Flowers! tee hee. x