Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Tea Time Treats

Glanced out of the kitchen window a little while ago to see one of the greenhouses lying across the patio. It's one of those temorary ones - a frame that slots together and then the plastic cover goes over the top and ties on. This one is quite tall which doesn't help when its blowing a gale out there like today,
Fortunately there's not an awful lot of plnats in it at the moment, just a few of my sunflowers that are still waiting to be planted outside - but now there are less! Some were planted up in my nice terracotta pots though and now I've got less of those too :(

Took me ages to put everything to rights and clear up the mess. Flipping greenhouse kept trying to escape all the time I was trying to ram enough bricks and ballast in there to hold it down, too. Ungrateful contraption.
I've wedges the bin beside it now in the hope of making it stay put.

Last year I planted a couple of peonies in the garden. One is yet to start flowering but the other is looking fab - though not sure it'll still be so pretty after today! Fortunately I took some photos earlier in the week.

This week I've been busy working with the DT set for the new Crafty Templates collection. This month there are cupcakes, teapots, butterflies, picture frames and a whole lot more. Even though I don't actually like strawberrie, I love Leo's strawberry cupcake template!

I decided to use it alongside the cute teapot template to make this Teatime Treats" card.

I've used one of the papers from the Crafty Goodies Kit to make the border and the lettering is made with rub on letters from several sheets. I thought the cake really needed a plate to sit on, so I cut one in white using Mr Robo, then cut a rim for it by placing a smaller oval inside the first and cutting in red to match the strawberries.
Here's a close up

I've got more Crafty Template cards to share, but I'll save them for another time;) so that's all for today
please come and visit again soon


Suzie said...

Oh no Kathy! Fingers crossed my little greenhouse hasn't blown away ... yet .... Beautiful peonies! and a lovely card too :D Love the cupcake!

Janice said...

ooh I could just go a cake like that - yum! What a pity about you sunflowers and the pots :(

Karen said...

What a pain about your 'greenhouse' and sad about the damage but that peonie makes up for it. They always looks so beautiful don't they.

I love your card too XXX

Angelnorth said...

Hope the greenhouse stays put now, sorry about the pots :( The peonies look beautiful and your card is super-cute, love the little plate!

Kaz said...

Fab card Kathy. I can tell from your writing that you were more than a little annoyed at the greenhouse. You show it who's boss!!

Jo Austin said...

shame about the greenhouse, but at least you managed to save somethings.

The peony's are lovely.. I love 'em.. they were my gran and grandads favourite plant and we've got one in a pot, dark red, and it blooms fantastic every year.

Love Jo x

Carol said...

what gorgeous flowers....pain about the greenhouse, mind you had to laugh at the thought of you wrestling with it making it stay!! lolxx That cake is very realistic...yummy xx

Rosie (Freycob) said...

Mum and dad have the darkest, most sumptuous coloured peonies in their garden. I adore them but sadly they don't last in flower long, do they?

Bummer about your growhouse. I remember mine trying to be a Boeing 737 a while back and destroying my seedlings that were just coming through too! I've had to move it to stop it happening again and have had to weight it down too.


tracy said...

love that flower :)
i have shorter greenhouse things and they've totally given up,didn't help when poppy ran straight through them LOL.
what a sweet card too :)

Kim Dellow said...

What a beautiful peony, I love these flowers, they are just so gorgeous. And I adore your matching make, so pretty, that cupcake is scrummy. Kim

TG said...

Yummy card Kathy!!!
Hugs T x

Jackie said...

The peonies are gorgeous. I've a couple of dark red ones and mine have been and gone.
The blooming wind has lifted the felt on our summer house so that's another job to add to DH's list ;)
Love the card and the folder too, by the way. :)

Rob-bear said...

"Everything stops for tea."

Yup. We gotta' keep our priorities straight.