Tuesday, June 17, 2008

A Party Dress, Two Little Birdies and a Whole Lot of Ribbon!

Apart from a load of other things I need to get done, I've suddenly got several commissions for special cards. It's a strange thing that I don't get asked for anything like this for a while, then withine the space of a few weeks there seem to be loads.
So today I've got a couple of these done, one for a wedding and one for a little girl's first birthday.

I used the gorgeous, glittery "For Peeps Sake" papers from Imaginsce, plus some pink glitter card for the name, which I cut on the Craft Robo. Tiny pink buttons filled the top corner in and I knew that little pink butterfly would come in useful one day! I think I might add a tiny bit of glitter to the bodice of the dress as it looks a bit plain, what do you think?
I had something like this in mind when I ordered all that yummy chipboard from Bubbly Funk last week. I didn't realise at that point that it would take two tries to come up with the card. I found a sheet of beautiful KI Memories paper when I was looking for something else - I had a sort of red/black/white/silver theme in mind until then. But even though the paper was gorgeous it just didn't look right when I put all the pieces into place. So I went and had some lunch. As you do. This afternoon I decided to go start again and use a plain white card, and give the birdies a blue circle to sit on instead of the other stuff. I still used the wings, hearts etc that I'd already cut from the first effort. The silver paper the birds are made from is a sort of fibrous stuff stuck onto a folied backgraound - I think it came in one of those packs that look really pretty in the shop then sit in your paper box for evermore. Nice to find something to use it for!
Chipboard birdies plus the branch and leaves are from Caroline, The Chipboard Queen over at Bubbly Funk.
I'm glad to hear that the pics I posted of my fab new chipboard sent some of you scuttling over there to get some chipboard stocks of your very own. hehehe

I wonder if you've got enough ribbon?

Just in case you're not sure, here are some of the new supplies that landed on my doormat last week courtesy of the wonderful Ribbon Oasis.
ahhhh go on, get yourself over there, you know you want to..............


Karen said...

I love those cards Kathy. Did you cover the chippie birds or use them as a template???

Now lets see if I have enough ribbon ........ X

Angelnorth said...

I like the birthday girl's card just as it is, Kathy - don't think the bodice looks plain at all (and the folded flower skirt looks fab!). Lovely wedding card too, glad you managed to salvage bits from the first attempt!

seedlings mum said...

I love that wedding card - it is absolutely gorgeous (I so admire your stuff) ps I will not buy more ribbon - you should see what I have already!!!!!! lol

Kaz said...

Kathy those cards are gorgeous as usual. I've got those chip birdies, they look amazing! Can't wait to have a bash at them myself.

Those ribbons are lovely, you're so lucky to be sent them!!


Jo said...

I think the bodice looks good as it is :) Both gorgeous cards :)

jo xx

nutka1911 said...

Oh, this cards... They are remarkable! Very beautiful, touched up! How are you doing it? :)

Anonymous said...

Absolutely beautiful cards kathy. :) And you're such a temptress!! Ribbon is lush too. :)


Leo said...

Kathy stop tempting me!!

Love your birdy card, so pretty!

P.S I've tagged you, hope you don't mind - info is on my blog.

Sarah said...

Both cards are perfect as always Kathy! The ribbon looks fab too!

Jackie said...

I love the birthday card..........you're just so clever :) and I'm pleased it's not just me who has a ribbon fetish (and I do love RO!!)