Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Best Laid Plans

I took loads of photos this morning of new cards and some gift tags - made with the latest DCM Little Extra in mind. Went to download them and realised that when Hubby installed another new "holding" gadget for our shared stuff at the weekend, he must have forgotten to set it up so I can download my pics.
Never mind, it'll give me something to blog about another day. I did really want to blog today as I've been getting out of the habit lately so I've had a rummage around and found some stuff I've not shown yet and some full pics of some sneak peeks from a few weeks ago.

First up some photos I took out in the garden last week, I just took them with the little Canon Powershot camera I use for craft stuff because I was too idle to go and get my "proper" camera out.

I'm most certainly not a scrapper and I'm in awe of those who create wonderful scrapbook pages. Occasionally I dabble a bit, but only in 6x6 or 8x8 sizes - those big 12x12 pages scare me to bits! I did the following LOs for the recent Bubbly Funk Cybercrop. One is for my 2007 album - which I've not touched since ,er, March (ooops) and the other is a page for the album I gave to my aunt and uncle last Christmas - and this is the first page I've done for them since then, too. Hopefully I'll get a chance before this Christmas to manage another couple of pages that I can wrap up as an extra Christmas present.

Both these have hidden journalling in the lower right hand corners, a tag or an opening dodah/ The Sam page also has another photo hidden in the little "booklet" behind the first one.

Last thing I can share atm is a sneak peek of something I've just finished making for a Christmas present.


Paula said...

I love the scrap pages.
The autumn one is fab, all those glorious colours.
I only scrap 8.5x11 these days, when I scrap at all. I seem to lose the ability, I blame the CJ pages as they are far easier to fill without looking cluttered. I do like white space, but not acres of it!!
Hope you are well on the mend now.x

Sylvie :) said...


Gina said...

Gorgeous pages ~ I think you could easily manage a 12x12 page! The hidden photo sounds lovely on the Christmas page! :) Thanks for your lovely comments on my blog ~ very sweet of you! Gx