Thursday, May 03, 2007

Earning Our Wings

I'm always a little worried when it's Jane's turn to Dare - she's set some stinkers since the DCM started last October and you never quite know what tangent she'll go off on. This time she said:
"So here is can do any subject but the card has to
incorporate WINGS of some sort
So you can do - butterflies, angels, fairies, insects.........birds........anything basically as long as it has wings.
Good luck and may you all FLY HIGH, ladies."

Honest;y if you could see some of the dire cards I've made (and binned) in the past in an attempt to use some of the butterfly and dragonfly punches, dies and other pretty embellishments I've bought or acquired - crikey - I've even got rubber stamps for goodness sake!
Other people make lovely cards featuring these pretty creatures, so why do mine always look like a dog's breakfast?

No way was I going down that route - I'd just embarrass myself. Needed another plan.

By chance I've recently added some paper clay to my toy box so looking through the moulds I already have from playing with fimo and friendly plastic I found a butterfly/angel one (yes - another attempt to make something respectable with a butterfly on it), and various other letter moulds, shells, hearts etc so I spent a happy hour pushing the clay into all the moulds - I'm sure they'll all come in useful one day (yeah right!)

The paper clay is great stuff, quick, easy and clean to use and it air dries in about a day. My problem is my lack of painting skills. I did have the crazy idea that I could make an angel for the card - that soon went out the window when I saw the mess I'd made painting the poor angel's fave! Then the winged heart idea began to form.

I painted the heart with twinkling H2O's but tbh it didn't give much of a twinkle on it. The wings were coloured with a Krylon pen. Next I gilded the edges of the wings and bits of the heart with gold foil - I've not used this for ages, but it's great stuff for using with the paper clay.
I've been hoarding theis gorgeous paper for ages waiting for a good excuse to use it, it's so unusual for a romantic style paper to be these colours, but the pink, green and bits of brown look wonderful with a bit of added gold.
I used 3 different papers on this card, the one with the writing on I glued onto another piece of card and used sticky pads to raise above the main card. I cut the flourish for the top right of the card with my Robo, then used the negative of the cut as a stencil to add an extra bit of gold at the bottom.
The message was printed using various different fonts, with some gold gel pen added to the white bitsthen mounted on dark green card.
It still lacked something so I stuck a length of gold ribbon below the raised bit, and a couple of ribbon tabs fixed at the bottom right with gold heart brads.
The Girls on the Daring Cardmakers Design Team have made some fantastic, high flying cards for this dare, so please don't forget to go to and check out our blog, and all the personal ones too where you'll find more info on how they made them - oh and don't forget we have the wonderfully talented Tracy on the team atm as our very special Guest Designer.
We hope you'll be inspired to have a flutter at this one yourselves too!

(now, are there any more "flying" puns and phrases I can get in here, I wonder?)


Flower said...

Wow, a lot of work, but worth it! Gorgeous card!

Nina Grann said...

Hi your cards are lovely very colourful, gets u in a good mood just looking at them.

Wendy - Anntaurus said...

Fabulous - love it!

Frog said...

Gorgeus card Kathy, im really loving these dares.

Andrea xx

Tracey said...

WOW Kathy, you've been busy doing some gorgeous creations. I love them all and am so jealous!

Tracey x

Janine said...

great dare, and I am loving the angel wings and heart! stunning.

Rein said...

This is great, wonderful work!

Rhi said...

Absolutely gorgeous Kathy, this card is stunning, it takes my breath away.

Rhi x

Rosie said...

I could fly to you and pinch your fabbylicious card Kathy!

Mel Goodsell said...

I think your card is beautiful. I especiallylove the precious gold heart and wings.

annikki said...

Oh wow!!!!
I can't find words, this is just... I don't know... just everything: PERFECT! I love all the details, every single one of them!

Scripture by Design said...

Kathy, I think your card is absolutley stunning. I love the message!
Casey x

Paula said...

Lovely card, a lot of work gone into it.
I didn't cheat Miss Kathy, I was good & made a card specialy for the dare the ther was just an oldie I wanted to share as it had the same theme.
Im feeling better now but my cysts are getting larger & will hopefully burst soon!!!
My team mates & I are setting our own challenges amongst ourselves more now as UKS is getting very clicky. However they did accept our points this month!!!

Anonymous said...

Kathy this is just gorgeous, and I love your little album as well, beautiful.

Carole xx

Angelnorth said...

Great card Kathy! Which paper clay did you use? I've been tempted by the Makins stuff but not bought any yet. The heart and wings look fab!

PMB said...

A very original the heart and wings.

Sarah said...

Fab card Kathy, that paper is beautiful.

Susan said...

Your card has 'wow' factor, Kathy! It's just great :-)

Wife2TJ said...

Beautiful job. I love how you did the wording.

Tracey said...

So beautiful Kathy as always

Sam Morris said...

Oh I LOVE this!! Gorgeous colours

Rainowgirl said...

I adore the colours too and the whole lot works so well together right down to the last little detail.


Keryn Campbell said...

Fantastic card Kathy. The gold makes it look really opulent and expensive.

Gillian Hamilton said...

I hate coming in late to comment... now all the good things have been!
Kathy this is the most specTACular card! I love it.. it's so lush and rich looking! beautiful, beautiful work!

Leo said...

So fantastic, love the heart embellie!