Saturday, September 30, 2006


Ok I admit it. I didn't actually get out of bed till nearly 11.

Hubby was keen to get out and about. He's into "I need a new car" mode, which means he's prepared to drive miles to look at likely candidates and talk endlessly about the merits and demerits of various models. Now he's a bit awkward about his likes and dislikes when it comes to cars and although I try to be interested after a while (a few weeks or months usually) I tend to get to the point where I listen with only half an ear and hope that the occasional, "ummm" or "ohhh?" is sufficient response.

At the moment we are down to only 2 cars that he thinks would be ok, and even though they are a Peugeot and a Toyota, it goes without saying that they are the models which are hardest to find. He trawls the Auto-Trader site and tells me there's one 26 miles away, or another 20 miles away (mmmm?") or that there was one at this garage, but it's just been sold and anyway it was silver - not only are we restricted to which car meets his demands in engine, size and aesthetics but it can't be silver as there are far too many silver cars on the road and they are boring. I'm sure I'll return to this subject for another moan, so beware.

Our new sofas are due to start being made on 10th October! How neat is that? Apparently the factory in Italy makes them one by one in the order that the orders (sorry, I just couldn't think of a better way to put that!) arrive there. So we have a date ours will go into production. Now we are considering getting a couple of suede cushions from them to add a bit of texture to the set up. However, the cushions will also go on the list and have to be made in their own turn - none of this "OK, no problem we can make them at the same time" mularky. hehehe
So we went back to Bedford to check out the cushion situation. We didn't order them though, as with all this sort of stuff one thing leads to another and we realise that actually we should sort the curtains out first then we can get a variety of cushions to pull the whole room together.
Curtains are their own particular nightmare. Our lounge has four windows all different shapes and sizes; a bay window, a long but not deep one, a set of French windows and even one which sticks out in a triangular shape - though that doesn't affect the curtains - just thought I'd tell you as it's a bit mad. This is the window that sticks out onto the drive and kills car aerials.....

We go to
The Anchor at Great Barford for lunch. Now that the indoor archery season has started Hubby's club "play" between 6-8 on Saturday evenings - a bit awkward for evening eating so we indulge in a exploring the locality for nice places for pub lunches - such a hardship...! Hubby had a Mixed meat spicy casserole and I had a Beef and Ale pie. They had quite a big menu, but I'm awkward and there was a lot that I didn't fancy - like fish - which I don't eat. Great Barford is a pretty village and the pub is right by the river Ouse - perfect for an afterlunch riverside stroll should you feel the need.

Now on the curtain trail we head for the horror that is Stevenage and the various retail parks that are there. It would seem that today was "Let's all go shopping" day. Yep the whole country was driving between TVWorld, SofaWorld, CarpetWorld, AlltheStuffyou'llEverneedWorld today. We went to 2 CurtainWorlds and I only saw 1 fabric that I liked. We got distracted by BedWorld as we really should buy a new mattress, this changed into buy a new bed - when we found that a new mattress is only a couple of hundred quid less than a whole new bed - we spent a while discussing the merits of pocket springs and memory foam, and trying out all the various options (I had a bad night's sleep so was wary of anything too comfortable) then decided we'll add that to the shopping list for another time.

We seemed to be out looking at stuff for ages and do you know what we bought? NOTHING


Janine said...

lol all that shopping and Nothing?? lol had a wee giggle at that. I also had a wee giggle at the odering/production sytem for your couches. Oh a sleep in util 11 how devine. We just put our clocks forward last night for daylight savings and I was up early, seems my body clock says get up.

Lucylou said...

we had to wait for some lazy arsed Italians to make our sofas too-too ages.... wonder if it's the same peeps

Methinks they spent too much time sitting around drinking red wine *tsk*

Was worth the wait though

And don't get me started on fliing curtains!!!

Jane said...

jolly good job you didn't spend anything - leaves you more money to spend at 'byallyoucaninthecraftlineworld' lol !

Rachel said...

good luck with the car hunt, and ooOOooo how posh with your sofas - bet they will be gorgeous when finished. Have to say the jewellrey in your slide show looks gorgeous