Thursday, May 04, 2006

The sun came out....

for our first "proper" stayover houseguests arrival yesterday. I say "proper" because my cousin did come and stay to lend his muscle power when we first moved in, but the poor love had to bunk down among the cardboard boxes - we did find the spare bed for him, but that room was still crammed with packing boxes.
Now we have a nice tidy(-ish) room for our guests (my aunt and uncle) to use - no wardrobe or bedside cabinets as we couldn't get them in time so a mish mash of furniture, but at least there are no cardboard boxes.

The weather was lovely so we were able to sit outside all afternoon and into the evening. I guess we could have had dinner out there too, but we wanted to "christen" the dining room (still 5 boxfuls to be emptied sitting in the old fireplace) now that we've got enough room in there to sit round the table.

They've been over in Abingdon visiting their baby Grandson Sam who was born in February to see how much he's grown since they last saw him - a lot, apparently! They are here for a couple of days before heading back up to Northumberland.

The Living Crafts exhibition is on at Hatfield House from today so we're planning to go over there at some point. I wonder if we can find something perfect for the new house.......

Back to Cardboard Boxland for a minute, I think it's worth making note of the fact that we've sent about 145 boxes back to the Removals people so far, and still have quite a few to go. When you see your life packed into boxes it's quite scary. We moved to that house from a 1 bedroom flat using a self-drive van, for this move we needed THREE removals vans, 1 just for things from the garden!

Loads of family birthdays on hubby's side this month and I'm nowhere near ready for them. I've decided to buy cards for the 3 nephews and just make ones for niece Aimee, my SIL and BIL who also celebrate this month - not a great confession for a cardmaker but there, it's out in Cyberland now, so please don't shout at me. I'll make an "announcement" too though, I got an order for 6 cards yesterday, plus hubby sold a couple at work too - so I'm quite a happy bunny.
(reminder to self - add link for card site to this blog)

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Jane said...

aaah but Kathy - you forgot to mention that of the 143 boxes 89
of them had 'craft' written on the side !!(just kidding!)